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Full window manager including specific layouts for docking and undocking laptops27
Battery tracker/charge manager1
Window auto-alignment/snap/magnet to other windows and screen edges8
Tabbing Features31
Disable Sticky Corners in aero snap0
Scripting API for Window Manager2
Always on Top72
X Clipboard (select to copy, middle click to paste)4
Moving a program with you to another virtual desktop18
Shortcuts for numbered virtual desktops13
Disable first click handling in inactive window1
"Jump to target" in Open/Save dialogs on Drop4
Assign Applications to Specific Desktops4
SyncToy and Robocopy18
Apps remember virtual desktops between reboots and location5
Manage right-click - Customize context menu17
Change size of task bar and alt tab thumbnail previews0
Window moving, resizing, bring to top, send to back by grabbing any part of the window2
Profiles for Network Cards1
Minimize to tray6
Apps launch on screen where they were invoked1
Generate checksums from file3
Independent virtual desktops per monitor5
Vertical Monitor Enhancements2
Manage FileMgr view defaults by folder, file type, etc. and prevent re-set w/o permission.0
Add a "sudo" utility to quickly execute a single command as Admin inside a cmd/powershell console3
Disable focus stealing3
Network Kill-Switch0
Add dock to desktop to any window0
Allow us to move Windows Notifications3
Xmouse (focus follows mouse)3
Send to X1
Mouse without borders8
Quick View For Files27
Tweak-able / Fluent Design Context Menu's0
Context Sensitive Emoji Menu0
Customizable Over-Scroll1
Change the Z-index of notifications1
PowerToy to configure windows borders size0
Default Printer Changer from Tray0
Powertoy suggestion: Idle user tracker0
Marking and unlocking locked files from context menu0
To be able to attach two or more windows showing side by side for easier Alt-Tab Switching0
PowerToy suggestion: Update Dependency Walker for Windows 7/101
Add Aero-like or Fluent-like titlebar blur and transparency.2
Trim " in explorer address bar0
Quickly toggle spatial sound on/off/method0
ADD multiple VLAN Support without intel / realtek support0
File in use - who has my file locked?0
'Show desktop' button, option to minimize per monitor3
Automatic Power Plan Switching1
swipe keyboard functionality and configurable on screen keyboard layout0
Strong Search engine in "Open with" right click context menu0
Temporary File Bin0
[Shortcut Guide] Show All Application Shortcuts14
Smooth per pixel scrolling1
Prevent virtual keyboard from being dismissed when touching physical keyboard1
Disable Taskbar thumbnail preview1
copy/move to folder1
GIF / Video Screen Recorder16
Two Monitors screenshot picker0
Bring Windows SysInternals to PowerToys1
Improved file tagging system7
[FancyZones] Create layout from current windows4
Drag to edge of screen automatically switches virtual desktops0
When remoting in, collapse other monitors to new virtual desktops. Remove VD when connecting locally again0
Visual updates / flash zones for Win+Arrow 1
Merge FancyZones with MTND and include zone moves in the pop-up1
[Shortcut Guide] Shortcuts list [tracker]83
[FZ Editor] Add unit tests0
Bring back "Recent"0
[FancyZones] Auto resizing of windows placed side-by-side15
Grouping Taskbar Icons6
Alt+Drag or Windows+Drag to move windows16
Suggested PowerToy: Move windows partially outside of screen by hitting screen border with mouse0
Keyboard shortcut for switching between windows of the same program2
Maximize/Full Screen window within a zone (virtual monitor)48
Windows Flip1
[FancyZones] swap window location between zones when drag and dropping windows on each other (or using keyboard)3
[Shortcut Guide] When the taskbar autohides the guide doesn't show the numbers2
Default custom layouts for FancyZones0
[FancyZones] Allow zones to extend outside screen area.2
Lock windows position and size0
Terminate app: Taskbar 'Stop app' or 'Terminate app' button7
[FancyZones] Dynamic layouts bases off of focused Window0
[FancyZones] Choose apps to open up for a specific layout7
Some sort of staggered startup tool0
Show folder size in explorer4
Cycle order of running applications (Alt-tab like ... but different)3
Display tray (icons and language bar) on multiple monitors1
Make fancyzones touch friendly.0
[FancyZones] Touch controls (Solution 2)0
[FancyZones] Disable Overlap/Force windows rotation3
Install without Admin Rights?10
WinRoll 2.0 type functionality0
Command-Line Based interactive process viewer1
Add option to remove all title bars. (like i3)1
Bring back the floating toolbars in taskbar0
Add option to remove windows task-bar0
Quick action buttons with on/off status0
[FZ Editor] allow manual coordinates (absolute and relative)35
Add Calendar Week Numbers to systray calendar 2
Support ARM platform11
[FancyZones] Map keyboard shortcuts to zones directly to zone windows quicker19
PowerToys: very fast switching between apps with Alt + Tab should not show the window overview (like on linux/mac) to be less distracting1
Move newly created windows to their last known virtual desktop1
Move Hidden Windows to active screen4
[FancyZones] Change "Tab Index" of zones0
Backup and Restore PT Settings (import/export)16
[FZ Editor] Global setting for space around zones0
[PowerRename] respect file order of Windows File Explorer2
[PowerRename] Preview Results of Selected Options2
[FancyZones] distinguish between "drop" and "resize to" zone1
[FrancyZones] "Move newly created windows to their last known zone" support for PWAs installed from Chromium Edge2
Enhanced Clipboard history with visualization4
[PowerRename] UI option for trim start/end of file0
RAM disk0
FancyZones creates a new device ID each time a VM is resized.3
Do not Disturb Mode for the next 2 hours0
[FancyZones] RDP: new Device ID is created for each resize/new connection5
Fancy Zones: Windows should remember their last virtual desktop location after reboot1
Dev docs need to be improved4
[Shortcut Guide] Add shortcut taskbar for Task View / Cortana / Widget0
USB bootable creation0
Code formatting style4
[FancyZones] add support for afwn [a few windows niceties] store app window layout and positioning keyboard shortcuts1
add taskbar settings | taskbar location on screen | bottom center configuration option3
Uniform error handling & reporting5
Possibility to make snapshots0
[FZ Editor] Canvas layouts: use keyboard to cycle through zones7
Dynamic Display of System Info on Desktop3
Network speed7
PowerVM - Informing user of # of in-use VMs1
[Fancy Zone] Edit Zones via right-click tray icon0
Uninstall should (offer to) remove old settings and config2
Create common API for taskbar integration0
Screen measuring tool6
[PowerRename] Allow Copy instead of Rename1
[Shortcut Guide] Fluent UX: Shortcut Guide v278
Modernizing Look / Feel across all PowerToys10
Help make it easier for users to choose apps that start automatically0
Transform (lowercase, Titlecase, UPPERCASE) Feature1
[FancyZones] Zone always on top6
[FZ Editor] PropertyChanged on CanvasEditor seems to be set incorrectly0
Enabling Analysis for code native code0
Use GetModuleFileNameW wrappers0
Improve test coverage for Runner0
Be able to disable telemetry in Settings5
Side by side virtual desktops on widescreen monitors1
Storage Allocation Visualizer1
Customize Explorer Navigation Pane2
Colored Tabs for Virtual Desktops0
quick action to hide/show icons on the desktop4
Overlay of commands / shortcuts / keys pressed - Screencast Mode9
Shortcut to move mouse pointer between monitors1
Implement more taskbar customization features with FalconX as a PowerToy1
Add Recycle Bin to Windows Task Bar2
Sound mixer as a toy8
Integrate clang-tidy linter0
Visual / Text reminder when PowerToys is elevated0
Grep for Windows3
Quick Display adjustment PowerToy23
[Fluent UX] Image Resizer19
touch/update timestamp for Windows-GUI in file-context-menu0
The ProjectTemplate doesn't show up when using the search box in VS0
Max Volume limiter for different audio output devices0
Tweak the Clock UI on Taskbar0
Unifiying MVVM and usage patterns1
Make Anything Acrylic (Total Transparency Control!)2
[Image Resizer] Add test coverage to shell extension project1
Horizontal scroll0
Lock the numeric keypad to always and forever use numbers 8
Adjust mouse location after crossing monitor boundry8
[Shortcut Guide] Keyshortcut changes based on OS version, Narrator is incorrect on 19h1+2
Merge important bits from setting spec into devdocs0
"App Starter" PowerToy (with Virtual Desktop support)1
[PowerRename] Allow changing of other attributes in a batch4
[PowerRename] Warn when renaming results in equivalent names1
Add hot corners functionality to PowerToys9
Do not use SendInput hack to workaround the SetForegroundWindow bug for patched Windows Versions0
Automatic Windows 10 light/dark mode switch based on time or sunset/sunrise21
[FancyZones] Cycle Windows across Zones (not Focus) Round Robin on hotkey3
Add option to turn ON/OFF Virtual Desktop zoneset inheritance from parent0
Desktop Gadgets from Windows 7.10
[PowerRename] Bulk regex rename needs to include folders2
Desktop Icon "Zones" with headers for organization (aka fences)5
[FZ Editor] Allow margin syntax for Show Space Around Zones1
[Shortcut Guide] App specific guide for foreground app3
[FancyZones] Add unit test for CalculateGridZones1
Mouse Button remapper5
Taskbar zones (respect zone sizes in taskbar)9
Fully disable taskbar grouping1
[FZ Editor] support Esc to cancel zone merge0
Use Monaco to load developer based files for Preview Pane28
Make edges & max/min/close buttons magnetic1
Clearly know which build train you are on. (Experimental, local, beta, ...)0
[FZ Editor] Add a Ruler 2
[PowerRename] Insert String in Position x4
[Run] Add option to "Run as different user"3
Add taskbar separators 2
[FancyZones] Exclude app by window title / exe1
Browser Picker4
Fast Delete2
Source code line number and highlighter 0
Paste as plain text2
Add ability to reopen previously closed apps0
Memorized clipboard entries2
[FancyZones] Feature Request: add hotkey to increment/decrement number of zones in template layouts. 1
[FancyZones] Two Ultrawide Monitors are Sharing Zone Layouts12
Windows Explorer preview pane not displaying Markdown file1
[Run][WindowWalker Plugin] Search parent window names0
Feature request: stretch and resize windows2
Add unit tests for isValidDeviceId 1
[Run] Vim (j,k) feature or other keys combinations to navigate items3
File Explorer Preview : Dark mode3
Markdown Preview : Clickable links1
Markdown Preview : Copy-paste text1
Markdown Preview: Show images2
Syntax highlighting for Markdown preview1
Synchronize taskbar icon order1
Current monitor sinalyzer0
Profiles in Keyboard Manager 14
[Run][WindowWalker Plugin] Not showing the exe path for elevated apps1
[FancyZones] Priority grid zone positions are not consistent2
PowerToys do not respect Windows animation settings4
[Run][WindowWalker plugin] Allow spaces to be treated as implicit AND operators 2
Queue files automatically on copy/move to same target3
[Image Resizer] Show "Resize pictures" on all supported formats5
[Settings][Image Resizer] Allow reordering the default sizes0
[Image Resizer] Better support for HEiC image formats3
[PowerRename] recursive / depth-level chooser0
Windows File Explorer folder global keyboard shortcuts4
Detect when apps that can conflict and alert users4
[FZ Editor] GridResizer is not centrally aligned0
Tool to add / remove shortcuts from "This PC"3
[Run][WindowWalker Plugin] Show virtual desktop name for each result0
Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Tool0
Path copy copy integration2
General->Run as Administrator not available if not a admin user.1
KBM Editor migrate to XAML / rejuv from code behind UX17
[Run] To decide and remove the hardcoded pattern and maxCount values0
[Run] Implement Logical search in Windows Indexer Plugin similar to Everything2
Unify PT Namespaces4
limit maximum CPU usage of certain process/program1
[Shortcut Guide] dynamics add shortcut to swap keyboards when multiple are there1
[FancyZones] Consider caching results of IsProcessOfWindowElevated1
PowerToys and exe/dll naming16
AutoHotkey and PowerToy improved compatibility1
[FancyZones] 1-pixel gap between adjacent windows5
[Power Rename] Remember last window size3
[KBM] Edit window should use ListView for displaying the mappings5
Add current folder to PATH1
[Run] Intro / exit animations2
[KBM] Some character keys have the same display name but different codes1
Please File Explorer support previewing the contents of zip without unarchived2
previsualization of epub1
Magnetic edges, prevent windows from overlapping when resizing windows2
[Run] Move calc engine over to calc.exe (decimal, thousands delimiter etc.)22
runner: automatic update should notify a user when it failed to get an installer multiple times1
[FZ Editor] Ability to divide/split zone in half3
[FancyZones] Win+Ctrl+Arrow to switch focus to adjacent zones9
Hide taskbar labels without combining icons2
Invalid drop down selection in KBM results in a empty selection0
[Run][Shell plugin] There is no auto-complete text suggestion0
[FancyZones] Allow a different shortcut key for moving windows between zones (allow both FZ and Windows Snap)5
[Image Resizer] Add option for alternative encoders1
Migrate WinUI 2 code to WinUI 3 0
[Run][Folder plugin] No autocomplete text on directories0
[Run][WindowWalker Plugin] Find apps minimized in Systray0
Support Nvidia Surround/AMD Eyefinity toggling back and forth0
Dynamically show Preview Pane when there's a preview available0
White SVG preview is hardly visible4
Markdown Previewer - bug in code blocks formatting0
PowerSymlink - Creates Symlinks from Context Menu ("mklink /D")2
[Image Resizer] Add options for effects (e.g shadow)0
[Run] Search for folders should display shallow folders first0
[FancyZones] Allow linking of windows in a layout together to bring them all to the front when one is pressed.2
Fine-tune multi-monitor positioning tool0
PowerAccent - Enter characters with accent marks7
Macro Keyboard - On-Screen Keyboard + Macro Keys + Touchpad1
[Image Resizer] Offer option to encode images to another format (image converter)13
[FEATURE REQUEST] Ability to tile windows automatically22
[New setting] Check for updates automatically (on/off)7
[KBM] UI needs to respond to PT Settings Theme2
Path Shortener0
Share a zone in Teams/Skype8
Resize windows with alt right click1
[Settings & Launcher] Clean no longer works1
[KBM] Visualizer and Tester0
Teaching Tips in PowerToys0
[FancyZones] Zone activation using right click to drag0
no more "shortcut to" when you creat a shortcut.1
[Run] Improve code to exclude it from zonable windows2
Enter Unicode codepoints via keyboard0
Nightly releases1
[Image Resizer] Support only showing in extended context menu1
Revise Visual C++ Redistributable files distribution strategy.0
[FZ Editor] Colorful emoiji support for Zone names0
Add Microosoft's Sysinternals ZoomIt and BgInfo to Microsoft PowerToys7
making "Paste to File" a PowerToy5
Installer fails to remove and create Task Scheduler task, no Run at Startup [installation by non-admin user]0
Settings v2 - run at startup option isn't synchorinzed with actual task scheduler1
Installer: failure to install with junctions / RAM disk2
[test] generate code coverage report0
Save Desktop Icon Positions3
[Run] Office Applications installed from Microsoft Store Not Found2
[Run] Provide history of last commands in search results7
[Run] Duplicate items on the list.6
[Run] Launching a process starts it in `c:\Program Files\PowerToys` (default working directory)3
Please allow individual tools to be installed7
File Explorer (Preview Panes) - Open document format0
[Run][Shell plugin] Add setting or action char to don't close command prompt after 3
Key remapper doesn't recognize Office key5
[Run][Plugin Manager] Support Community / non-core plugins14
[Run][New Plugin] Have the ability to search and open an Outlook Contact card.3
[Run] Setting to show path in result list without hovering1
[Run][New Plugin] Web search 125
[Run][New Plugin] Currency converter16
[Run] Support single key press to open Run (e.g. caplock)6
[Run][Calculator Plugin] Support Hexadecimal calculations6
[Run] Add the ability to search files with specific file tags0
[Run] Default text when Run is opened1
[Run][New Plugin] Dictionary11
[Run] Add ability to preview files4
PowerToys option to "Restart" under tray icon right-click menu1
[KBM] CapsLock as a modifier in Remap Shortcuts11
[KBM] Use Caps Lock for toggle upper and lower cases in selected text1
[Run] Always Show the Run Bar1
[Run] Strings after "-" symbol are not showing up3
[New PowerToy] Launch apps / command with keyboard shortcuts21
An option to find and delete empty folders0
[KBM] Remap Key to Mouse Click9
[PowerRename] Random filenames1
[Run] Tab completion akin to omnibox search0
Settings sync13
[Feature Request] Long Screenshot Option2
[KBM] Support mapping on holding keys2
[KBM] Remapped key remains actively when changing to Japanese IME4
Scrolling Broken in Settings for certain devices16
[Image Resizer] Add NoCrop0
[Run] Support commands and parameters / arguments8
[FZ Editor] Undo / Redo keybinding0
[Run] Copy path also for other result-types2
[Run][Shell Plugin] Delete commands from history1
[FancyZones] Detect Minimum Window Width0
[Run][New Plugin] Searching emails0
[Feature Request] Media converter with ffmpg2
[PowerRename] Rename files based on external file list3
Auto display scaling switch between desktop/tablet modes.0
Make MSI publish pre-build event more robust to Visual Studio paths0
[Run] Allow open of bitlocker encrypted drives like windows search does1
[Run] Make eyeglass execute search1
[KBM] Allow users to map only modifier key shortcuts6
[Run] Apps don't launch proper folder (link target)1
[KBM] Right Alt Gr key stopped working after switching left Ctrl/Alt keys4
[System tray] Update colored icon to an outlined version3
TGA and SBSAR preview (and as many more image/visual formats possible)0
[Preview Panes] Ability to select text in any text type file on preview0
[Image Resizer] Allow to select multiple presets when resizing1
New Folder with Selection7
Power System Monitor6
[Run][New Plugin] Add Pinyin support12
Disable "Alt+underlined letter" menu0
[Run] Add option for custom locations, custom commands, workflow20
[KBM] Use Tab or Space as modifier key1
[Run] Plugin SDK2
[Run][Calculator Plugin] Add functions (bin2dec,hex2dec,oct2dec)1
[KBM] Mapping ALT GR to ALT doesn't work3
[Request] Shortcut to a context menu that doesn't have an existing shortcut.0
[Fancy Zones] Exclude app from snapping thru context menu3
[Request] Mouse Shortcuts11
[Run] Allow filter out app results4
Keyboard manager breaks 3 and 4 finger touch pad taps with certain remaps4
[FancyZones] Allow window to be "locked" in place1
Markdown Preview: Add .markdown extension support0
Taskbar widget to view currently selected virtual desktop1
[Image Resizer]Scaling Method Option0
Duplicate file finder0
[PowerRename] Auto incremental counter8
[Image Resizer] Should work on file placeholders from OneDrive2
[KBM] Mapping of 3 bytes scan codes2
Suggestion: option to reset the settings6
[Run] Ability to pin first result for query1
Improve 'discoverability' for enabling preview pane in explorer via helper text in settings1
Persistent, sorted, filterable Action Center/Notification history0
[Image Resizer] Option to Flip images horizontally and vertically0
Blur background while alt+tabbing0
Option to Automatically Resize File Explorer Preview Relative to Window Size0
[Run][New Plugin] Plugin for WinGet2
FancyZone Can't Tell Difference Between Chrome Shortcuts0
[PowerRename] Update 'PowerRename' label in context menu1
New PowerToy: Alt + Tab menu customisations 0
Preview of HTML file that includes pictures1
[FZ Editor] Hotkey to quickly edit current layout3
[Run] Return recent items in results0
[KBM] Triple modifier shortcuts10
[Run] Add common used programs above search bar1
[FancyZones] Investigate GUID change for applied template layout 0
[Image Resizer] Explorer shell context submenu4
Powertoys Menu Bar Idea0
[Run] Support press the same key twice to open Run2
[Preview Pane] HEIC, WEBP File Explorer support2
[FancyZones] window must resist dragging1
Tool to redo file organization0
FancyZones: Sound event for an accoustic confirmation of a snapped in window0
[Run] Main VM property change handler called with wrong visibility value on being deactivated1
[PowerRename] Allow for padding prefix/suffix0
[Run][Calculator Plugin] Support typing '=' to calculate math result & replace input1
Picture preview - zoom in/out0
Remapping NumPad keys to NumLock shows unexpected behavior1
Remapping NumLock to Ctrl causes Ctrl key to be held down state0
[Run][Calculator Plugin] Calculator Expansion0
[PowerRename] Add an option to reverse the order of files1
[Run] Packaged apps only available via localized name2
[Run] Win32 apps only available via english and not via localized name10
Coloring windows0
Double click on titlebar to minimize window0
[PowerRename] Invalid characters for filenames causing rename to fail0
Window Snapping/Start Menu problem with 3rd party software macros0
[Image Resizes] Resize an image to multiple sizes in one operation4
[Run][New Plugin] Use Microsoft Graph as a data source5
[Fancy Zones] Add default launch zones per application2
Resize all windows in Windows0
Remap Win to Control / Control to Win key, Alt stops working0
[Run] Add options to run commands from different shells (in Settings or at runtime)4
[FancyZones] Option to toggle zone number on & off1
Move mocked input handling from KeyboardManagerTest projects to common0
FancyZones: ability to handle apps that are hardcoded to launch maximized0
HTML <details> tab breaks markdown preview0
[FancyZones Options] Add a button to exclude a window name with a drag and drop widget 2
[Shortcut Guide] Improve Desktop Preview when using multiple displays0
Paste Text from Image10
[PowerRename] invoke via command prompt1
PowerToys UI does not work with ZoomText 20200
Remove Show window hack used to fix settings blank dialog1
"Run at startup" & Roaming profiles0
FancyZones can break Unity sometimes0
[KBM] Exporting and loading Key remap file / presets 7
[Run] Drag and drop files5
Task Switcher vim navigation shortcuts0
[Run] Remove tlpimp-Microsoft.Search.Interop nuget package from the Wox project1
[Run] Open with a touchpad / touchscreen gesture5
[Settings] Notifications and links are not working when restarting PT as admin on non-admin account0
[Image Resizer] Option to set the DPI for each size format2
Implement popular 7+ Taskbar Tweaker features1
[FancyZones] Snap all open Windows to zones0
[Run] Allow for indexing of network drives1
xrandr for Windows1
EXIF data tool (single / batch)1
Date in minimized traybar0
[Run] Option to change/remember the search window location/position17
[Run][New Plugin] Time/time zone conversions 3
Swapping alt+shift+tab and ctrl+shift+tab2
Command Line Accessible PowerToys Settings2
Most utilities don't make user aware when elevated apps are done [Run, mouse, AOT, ...]2
Trigger FancyZone for windows that are dragged not by the TitleBar.0
[Run] App Icon not updating when Thumbnail becomes available2
Add support for .emf in File Explorer Preview 0
Always open new windows in center1
Preview word, ppt, excel files without Office1
[Run] Skin / theme / customization / size / transparency / opacity / overlay19
Combine Windows Snap with FancyZone? Add more border targets to the screen and link them to zones? Combined window resizing like in Snap?14
Photoshop Documents (PSD, PSB, AI, etc) Preview on Explorer Add-ons7
Shortcut to Turn FancyZones On and Off [or a way to use Windows 10 Snap at the same time]2
[FancyZones] Only snap near top of the screen.1
QR Code Reader4
[KBM] Add a hotkey key to turn it on/off12
[FancyZones] Dragging to edge of screen could bring up the FancyZones overlay, instead of default Windows snap overlay2
[PowerRename] Advanced string formatting1
[Run] UAC dialog box doesn't get focus after hitting enter on "Run As Administrator" button1
[Run] Extend support for Run commands1
[KBM] Allow for programming of the secondary value of NUMPAD keys2
Change playback source with hotkey7
[FancyZones] Quicky switch between layouts with the scroll wheel while dragging a window3
Touchscreen Gesture Customization3
Presenter mode for videoconferencing1
File Explorer Preview doesn't work on enabled files types0
Text Replacement7
[Run] Open app in a wanted size window0
Adjust Scrolling by enabling / disabling inertial / smooth settings1
[Run] Option to keep PT Run open permanently3
[Run] Exclude unwanted file extensions2
[Settings] Design a mechanism to propagate specific system settings to the Settings app0
[Run] UWP apps being actively developed show up multiple times1
[Run] Make the drive detection UI more informative with the link to the windows search settings page7
Image gallery integrated into File Explorer9
UnitTests-FancyZones.dll causes CI to crash5
SFTP/FTPS File Explorer Addon0
Copy path/filename in primary context menu2
[Settings, FancyZones] review requirement of "key" field0
[Image Resizer] Fix flaky test (currently disabled)1
[FancyZones] New Windows Fill Empty Zones0
Feature Idea: Enhance Windows 10's Control Panel0
[Settings] Right-clicking on Settings in taskbar shows the incorrect title5
Explorer right click copy image to clipboard (not file)1
[KBM] Add Xinput and/or DirectInput support0
How about tools to set Gif (or png/jpeg slides based animations) as wallpaper?1
[Settings] Apply App.RequestedTheme at startup2
Cannot map key to "Sleep".8
Fix SA0001 violations0
[Colour Picker] Allow to zoom with touchpad two finger gesture3
Animated GIF thumbnails/icons in windows explorer.1
[Run] Touchpad scrolling is too sensitive2
[KBM] Automatically deactivate warning tone (Caps Lock Windows setting)0
[Shortcut Guide] Remove "Open Dictation Bar" for unsupported Languages 0
Improvement for markdown preview1
[Run][New Plugin] Quick Reminder notifications0
[Run] Show 'drives are not indexed' warning messages as first result2
Add the ability to turn off Window decorations0
New PowerToy idea: DesktopManager2
FancyZones features from Mosaico0
Power profile selection based in active hours0
Make Windows actually do Dark Mode :)0
AltGr shortcut behaves differently than Ctrl+Shift shortcut1
[PowerRename] use file meta tags to rename files3
Allow to remap complex keyboard events (macros)19
[KBM] Separate function for key press vs key hold (a la dual-key-remap)7
DDS support0
Investigate `Numpad Enter` vs `Enter` for remaping keys in Keyboard Manager 4
[FancyZones] Option to preserve the window aspect ratio0
Some numpad keys not differentiated in list in Keyboard Manager.3
[Run][File Plugin] search for folders only2
FancyZones - Stack windows on a specific zone0
Comprehensive user folder rename and move0
[suggestion] Trimming empty alpha space in png0
Integrate the "The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator" into Powertoys2
Run At Startup + Always Run As Administrator does not work if Admin User is different user1
Animated Portable Network Graphics (APNG) Support in File Explorer0
Add Preview for Adobe Illustrator Files (.ai)1
Transparent Taskbar1
[FancyZones] Unexpected behavior when moving through the zones with win + arrow1
App Groups: ability to set apps to open with a single click, on specific positions5
Keyboard Manager requires integration tests for the remapping logic1
Keyboard Manager UI needs Win App Driver tests2
[WinAppDriver] Shortcut Guide test failure1
[Color Picker] inaccessible area on the screen for picking a color3
[KBM] Swapping Win and Alt does not work for shortcuts like Win-R (Run)3
[Run] Switch to running app instead of opening a new one5
[KBM] Shift Right remains logically pressed in this particular scenario0
Volume Control & Mute/Un-Mute In Window Titlebar2
[Run][New Plugin] Allow to terminate the selected running process4
Provide an SVG WIC codec to enable the use of SVG in many applications0
Settings Navigation view does not work with Arrow keys for some monitors3
Virtual Desktop Continuous Looper0
[FancyZones] Allow Alt-Tab to drag into zone.0
[PowerRename] Rename converting decimal numbers to hexadecimal0
Automatically window size layout adjustments0
Fully customize taskbar0
[PowerRename] Add settings option to choose a default date field3
Folder Color Coding7
Copy message box text1
[KBM] Specify multiple targets applications4
[File Explorer Add-ons] display image size on statusbar0
Centralize the current window on current screen by shortcut0
[Shortcut Guide] Option to show taskbar hints only1
[Explorer Preview] Taskbar flashes when clicking into preview pane0
System media transport controls tweaker!6
[KBM] Adding exceptions to "All Apps", or defining a list of apps for a same shortcut2
[Run] Add Telemetry for exceptions0
[Run] Synchronize settings file read/write0
[PowerRename] Log to a file old and new filename0
[Vid Conf] - Use last frame option3
[Run] Customizable icons for search results0
[Vid Conf] When toolbar is shown right upper alignment sold be more to left1
[Video Conference] does not mute if using Nvidia RTX Voice for background audio suppression1
Push-to-talk extenstion to Mic mute1
updating: check for the newer version after clicking the toast1
Play sound when muting/unmuting microphone [Feature Request for Video Conference Mute)3
PowerToysRun: Custom labels on results0
Logitech Webcam C920 - Issues with video for MS Teams2
[Run] Improve priority of results having match from start of a word.0
Template repository for new PowerToys0
[Videoconference] [Feature idea] Status to systray3
Thumbnails for flv, webp, and webm files0
Ability to prevent driver install with PowerToys Video Conference feature1
[Color Picker] Pick a bigger area and use the average color1
Inverse/invert/reverse mouse scroll direction6
[Video Conference] Surface internal mic stops working1
[Video Conference] External Camera connected to Surface Docking1
[Video Conference Mute] Show explanation about how to use the PowerToys Camera in settings4
Frame Draw and 60Hz+ Displays0
Enter on Task tray Icon opens up 2 PowerToys Settings windows2
[FancyZones] Add the ability to use multiple template types together0
[Color Picker] Add an Option to Show Color Name and Hue in the Color Picker 2
Add an excluded app list to the "move newly created windows to the current active monitor" option0
Shortcut Key to Open PowerToys Settings1
[Idea / Feature] Lock screen on laptop close lid0
Pin-to-start / taskbar support for PowerToys modules2
[Run][Calculator Plugin] Support for unmatched parentheses0
[KBM] Organize remapped keyboard shortcuts 0
Blurry NavView on Settings w/ 125% DPI on 1920x1080 on first run1
text auto-completion tool1
[Image Resizer] Add Chroma Subsampling options0
PowerShell integration for FancyZones2
[FancyZones] Choose active layout based on key modifier0
Message from PT Team0
Migrate Settings to Desktop WinUI3 application11
[PowerRename] Add option to merge folders with conflicting names after a rename0
[FancyZones] Window not moving in proper zone-order0
Shell Namespace Extensions to Allow Explorer to Open 7-Zip and Gzip files1
Change taskbar to enable different workloads (home, designer, web dev, app dev, ...)0
[UX] Quick access flyout in system tray34
[KBM] App-specific remapping for keys15
[Feature Request] [VideoConference] Add the ability to move the Video Conference Toolbar by dragging it around5
[Image Resizer] Option for pixel perfect scaling1
Media controlls in Action Center OR Volume panel1
"Keep windows in their zones when the screen resolution changes" does not work correctly on all Virtual desktops0
Windows Server Support4
Way to control monitor sleep time if computer is locked0
[Image Resizer] - command line arguments1
[FancyZones] Suggestion - click and hold a non-primary button to select multiple zones0
[FancyZones] Fit window inside multiple selected zones0
[FancyZones] Holding CTRL instead of Shift for activating zones while dragging?0
[FancyZones] Open editor does not work for Win+Q (and other) shortcut4
Refactoring of the Settings Codebase1
[VideoConferenceMute] Add Camera selection to Toolbar1
Audit Possible culture bugs with StringComparison & CultureInfo2
PowerToys hub1
[KBM] Shortcut remaps can be optimized1
[FZ Editor] Launching the FZ editor through settings (when running) closes the instance, instead of switching to it0
[Run][New Plugin] Start other PowerToys modules3
[Run] Multi monitor: calling the application to the current display1
Video Conference Tool Toggle on/off has no effect, Flyout is not floatable and Camera not working at all.1
[Updater] Clicking search update without running in admin mode allows updating instead of showing the *visit Github* banner2
Adjust how fonts render in Windows2
[Fancy Zones] Windows Snap is Overridden by "Restore the original size of windows when unsnapping"1
[Run] Refactoring Win32Program into SubClasses per Apptype1
[FancyZones] Pressing ESC key while moving to a zone doesn't cancel.0
[FancyZones] Allow to change keyboard shortcut for stretching a window across zones2
[KBM] Map to custom keys / diacritic character, not just keycode42
[VideoConferenceMute] Display toolbar on ONLY second monitor1
[FZ Editor] Add error window1
[FancyZones] detect / support unconventional dragging of Windows in some programs1
[FZ Editor] get PowerToysIssuesURL from a common settings0
Save desktop layout and opened windows per project1
[Screen Reader: General >left pane]: Selected menu item is not getting opened in right pane after selecting the menu item from left pane in scan mode.1
[Screen Readers - Power Toys - Power ToysRun]: Screen reader conveys incorrect information as the 'Power ToyRun' is launched using the Shortcut key defined.1
[FancyZones] Increase the template limit from 4010
[Keyboard Navigation: Settings>Keyboard Manager>Remap a Key]: Keyboard focus is lost on the window after activating 'Remap a Key' button. 0
[Keyboard Navigation - Power Toys - Shortcut Guide]: Screen reader stays silent as the Shortcut guide menu opens.0
[Keyboard Navigation: Settings>Remap key>Add button]: Keyboard focus is getiing lost after activating 'Key drop down' Combo box in Remap key window.2
[FancyZones] Move newly created windows based on their window title to defined zones with title wildcards1
[Functional: Power toys Settings>Fancy Zones>Appearance]: Validations are not applied properly for R,G,B and H,S,V edit field in Appearance section.2
[Screen reader - Settings > Image Resizer > File Explorer Sizes]: Screen reader is not announcing any confirmation after clicking the resize button0
[Run][Program plugin] not displaying app if shortcut is deleted0
[Screen Reader - Utility - PowerToys Run Window]: Narrator does not announce the state of the selected suggestion list after opening the PowerToys Run Window second time.1
[Screen Reader - Utility - PowerToys Run Window]: Narrator does not announce about the Appended controls present at suggestion list item.1
Image Adjusters for Desktop Wallpaper -or- Inactive Windows2
FancyZones: maximize window when the zone matches the whole screen0
NavView inconsistent "Enter" to Pane behavior for 0
Adjusting pipeline to show stages1
Taskbar Auto-Hide "Pressure sensitivity"0
System icons on all displays0
Video Conference: allow setting hotkeys for "on" and "off" (rather than toggle) for mic mute and camera mute 2
Documentation for debugging modules0
[File Explorer] Disabling/uninstalling thumbnail providers may require cleaning up the thumbnail cache2
Alt+F4 doesn't close powertoys Settings app1
[VCM] Add option to hide the toolbar when the camera is not in use1
[Build warning] Referenced assembly 'mscorlib.dll' targets a different processor0
[KBM] Select target app from open windows0
shortcut for night light 0
[KBM] Localize key names1
Fails to install when using "BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management"2
Calendar aware app startup0
Video Conference - show video clip or loop2
Link icon near system icon on taskbar0
[Image Resizer] Option to change quality on the fly0
[Run] Add unit tests to QueryBuilder1
Standardize Image Resizer naming1
Scheduled task should be Microsoft/PowerToys0
Add quick tasks to the shortcut in Start Menu (and task bar icon)2
Replace Thread.Sleep with task.Delay1
Bluetooth device button remapping0
[Run] Improve Win32 icon loading12
[KBM] Add a global emacs / Vim like short cut1
Virtual Desktop layout is vert on top of horizontal to give more space1
FancyZones: Drag to snap a window to multiple zones should use window position instead of mouse cursor0
[Run] Improve touch input. (scrolling, ...)2
[FancyZones] Add a timer to activate zones upon grabbing a window.0
scratchpads Option0
[Run] Hexadecimal numbers get converted to a web address0
Shortcut to mute/unmute current application1
[KBM] Focus moves to the OK button on deleting a row0
[Run] Have search ignore file types0
[KBM] Allow key combinations that put CAPSLOCK to a known state 0
[Settings] Investigate use case of ActivationService and ActivationHandler classes1
Ukrainian language interface0
[FZ Editor] Left and Right Priority Grid layouts1
Choose our own UI language7
[Color Picker] if you scroll in on the edge of the display, half of the pixel window is not visible.0
Cap/Num/Scroll Lock Onscreen Indicator0
[Image Resizer] Add context menu for folders (and apply recursively)1
[Run][WindowWalker Plugin] Display the application icon for a running process2
[KBM] Allow repeated modifiers1
[FancyZones] Option to change precedence between "move to last known zone" and "move to active monitor"0
Add comments to WSX0
[GitHub; msftbot] Manage duplicated issues on action keywords automatically0
Remove translation of PowerToy module names2
[Run][New Plugin] Search Edge Profiles0
Support SVGZ for preview and thumbnail0
[FZ Editor] Adjust zone size/position via context menu5
[FancyZones] Move newly created windows to last known zone does not work, at least not on dual monitors.0
Unzip multiple compressed files at once0
Define keyboard shortcut to foreground a window running in a zone.1
Define a Foreground Zone which always contains the Foregrounded Window0
Folder watch dog to auto-move files0
[FancyZones] Right mouse click and drag to select multiple zones2
[Run] "Open with" feature in PowerToys Run list0
[PowerRename] Replace content of the file as well as the name0
[Shortcut Guide] Not disappearing after unlock4
[Image Resizer] Do not modify images smaller than selected option0
[FancyZones] Migrate zeroed-GUID of primary desktop as soon as possible0
Rounded screen corners1
Hide Dotfiles (File Explorer)1
Search within PT Settings0
[Run][New Plugin] Start a timer using powertoys run 0
PreviewHandlerCommon as a NuGet Package0
PowerToys sends a grave accent "`" before the first thing I type0
[Run] Crash while typing1
File Properties Editor2
A robust Duplicate file finder0
[FZ Editor] Displaying the monitors layout2
[FZ Editor] Project clean-up0
[Run] Refactor Plugins UpdateIconPath0
Put windows into a "Presenter" or other mode based on your selected preferences1
Map a Windows global shortcut to a shortcut for a particular application0
[FZ Editor] Custom table layout creator, no way to move keyboard focus to the zones1
Ability to mirror Windows Taskbar layout0
[FancyZones] Allow the "Hold to Activate" button be something other than shift, or don't have drag zones active by default0
[PT Run][Registry Plugin] Copy registry key/value in REG format0
[KBM] The key map has not effect on playing game LoL0
[KBM] Block "Win" shortcuts "system behavior" while not disabling the shortcuts0
[KBM] "L" and "."0
[Settings]Singleton doesn't work1
[Color Picker] Keyboard Shortcuts for Color Picker zoom in and out and to move the picker1
[Color Picker] Color dropper cursor when color picking0
[Color Picker] Configurable color formats16
[Color Picker] lost color history after switching Activation behavior0
[PowerRename] Option to set an offset for date/time0
[Color Picker] Add "Remove all" button to history context menu in editor2
[Color Picker] Activation behavior "Picker and editor" allows to open picker and editor parallel1
[Run][New Plugin] Regex line search (full text search)2
Rearrange Taskbar buttons when labels are visible0
Migrate FxCop to Net analyzers 3
Asciidoc File Explorer Preview Support0
[FancyZones] Some windows are not acknowledged by Fancy Zones [add an "Included apps" list]3
[Color Picker] Add setting to disable automatic copy to clipboard1
Ability to bulk folder / app icons0
FZ editor: VS clean command doesn't correctly clean all files 0
Logs are never cleaned up4
[Color Picker] Add an option to show editor when you're picking a color0
FxCop for FancyZone editor3
[Feature Request] Add background acrylic to Image Resizer and Color Picker0
[PowerRename] variable pattern notation for parent folder0
Relocation of Notification Toasts on UltraWide Monitors (via FancyZones or othewise)0
[FancyZones] Ctrl-Alt-Windows-Arrow does not work in fullscreen RDP-session0
[Color Picker] Option to close popup when clicking outside it0
[VideoConferenceMute] Webcam switcher with shortcuts2
When plug the external storage or mount the ISO/SMB/NFS,show the drive icon in desktop0
Option to disable light dismiss for Action Center0
Support installing as SYSTEM 2
Mute speakers when muting webcam and microphone in video conferencing1
[Feature Request] Character map picker0
Re-enable win-app-driver 1
Powertoys keeps asking me to install .net core even though i have it?1
Remove all .NET Fx dependencies3
[FancyZones] win+arrow skips over zones2
[Color Picker Editor] alternate feedback method for copy event1
Upgrade .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 65
[KBM] Allow additional modifiers1
Open Application on Monitor is was Launched from0
[FancyZones] One-handed activation feature for disabled people0
Allow hiding the Video Conference Mute Toolbar3
[Image Resizer] Unneeded resize on startup0
Fancy Zones Misaligned - Radeon Pro 5500M Macbook Pro Bootcamp0
[Image Resizer] Change description in error dialog 0
Custom display/hide of systray icons in taskbar0
Strongly-typed API for PTSettingsHelper0
Disable the taskbar (in auto-hide mode) from showing when hoovering with the mouse.0
Power Rename can cause filenames to exceed MAX_PATH, making files inaccessible4
[VCM] Revert mic setting to last known state0
System status/monitor as systray menu2
Trackpad Control to drag windows0
[FancyZones] Win+arrow on maximized PowerPoint presenter window doesn't resize correctly0
[Image Resizer] Compress a picture to a certain file size, such as 1MB2
[KBM] Remove mapping button isn't always visible2
PowerRename unexpected capitalization in Title case1
[KBM] Move "+" [adding] button to top versus bottom of list0
[KBM] Exclude app list6
Better error catching for PowerRename due to #87871
Open apps on current Monitor1
[Run] Search results should be more categorized4
[Run][Program Plugin] Search with . will also return folders0
PowerRename: Variable not Working?0
[Color Picker Editor] Option for window startup location 1
[Run] UI not scaling properly2
[KBM] add support for when to remap keys, on key down or key up 5
Feature request: Mouse follows focus0
Add hosts switch tool0
[Run] Buttons overlap long result titles1
[Run][Service Plugin] Improve UAC1
[Run] Result outdated on relaunch1
Automatic update doesn't work winver 20H2, Powertoys versions 23-0
Crashing spams infinite popups0
[Image Resizer] Context Menu not shown1
Audit pen & touch interaction works on top of just mouse1
[Run][Plugin] Rename projects/binaries to follow the required schema6
Provide mouse pointer support for Left Handed users0
[FancyZones] Messenger desktop window does not resize to selected zone0
[FancyZones] Zones activation using Surface Pen's button1
FancyZones does no work correctly with Remote Desktop Connection Windows1
Change File Explorer default opening directory0
Filename spellcheck0
A better Problem Steps Recorder0
integration of DISM info0
add logging to `run_non_elevated`0
[FancyZones] Optional overflow direction & Snapping choice1
Allow "Ctrl+Win+Alt + Arrow" shortcut to expand a window also when "move windows based on their position" is disabled0
File Explorer Preview Audio Files0
[Run][New Plugin] Translation plugin7
[Run][Calculator Plugin] Infinity, -Infinity and NaN are not supported0
[FancyZones] Allow windows edge snapping when resizing a window0
[Run] Terminate Power Launcher process gracefully 0
PowerRename doesn't have $0 (complete match contents) capturing group. 0
[Settings] run the Settings app non-elevated0
Video Conference Mute with Media-keys as Shortcut without modifier0
FancyZones editor shows zone frosted zone preview on wrong monitor (monitors 3/4 flipped) while positions in the graphic are correct0
Use win32metadata for calling win32 apis from c#0
Wrong Translation on a Button when Remapping Keys1
Weather plugin for PT Run1
Ability to adjust locations of taskbar items1
Manage screens layout0
Drop in framerate when using Video Conference virtual camera1
Folder collapse (move all files to root)2
[Run] Need spec for UNC handling4
Remove title bar0
[FancyZones] Template for arbitrary columns and rows4
[Run][Indexer] Define portable apps folder3
Keyboard Manager caps lock still activates sometimes0
action different on two screens0
[Run][Calculator plugin] Wrong result when there are lots of decimal places0
[Bug report tool] Improve the UX 1
[Color Picker] Add RAL color standard0
[Run] Website appends forwardslash1
Keyboard manager and better RDP interactions8
Unify Naming Structure for Telemetry Events3
[PT Run][Service plugin] Tab navigation does not work in some cases1
[Color Picker] Add WCAG contrast ratio compliance checks0
Include Pre-configured list of known app-compat apps0
[FancyZones] Choose a zone at the same time as opening a file/program0
LDPlayer Cant use FancyZones0
[FZ Editor] Show both native and scaled monitor dimensions0
[PT Run][New plugin] Support systray icon actions0
[FZ Editor] Edit icon highlighted after closing dialog2
Middle-click title bar to move windows between zones0
[PT Run][Registry Plugin] Space in Tooltip text1
[FancyZones] Un-snapped windows still belong to their previous zone0
[FancyZones] Restore Original Size when Unsnapping - UNLESS I resize it while it is Snapped1
Add translations for keybindings1
[FancyZones] Consider removing old device Id(s)0
With custom font set, Setting screen doesn't render correctly0
NumPad Keys that are not numbers missing from Keyboard Manager0
[FanzyZones] app-zone-history is not updated after moving a zone to another monitor by Win+Arrow.0
[Color Picker] Export all palette color codes to text file4
Option to hide the tray icon20
[FanzyZones] Option to set default layout and option to apply a layout to all monitor/desktops0
[PT Run][Service Plugin] Stopping services not working0
[PT Run] Three finger trackpad tap focus problem0
PowerToys Run plugin: timestamp date time conversion.0
Modulo operator in PowerToys run0
Open alt+tab window in zones, behaves like multitasking0
[Image Resizer] Option to hide "Resize pictures here" drag context entry on move right-click0
Add a global setting to suppress "CA1031:Do not catch general exception types"0
FancyZone Editor theming setting1
[Color Picker] Show color name in the editor0
[FancyZones] Option to restore all windows position when PowerToys quits0
[Settings] FancyZones Editor shortcut no longer allows WIN+Esc0
Restore window to last known fancy zone by [shift]+ dblclck on window title0
[Run][Plugin Manager] Direct shortcut to execute a single plugin1
Setting "Move newly created windows to their last known zone" is not obeyed by all apps0
[FancyZones] "Make dragged window transparent" feature corrupts window visual state of some applications0
[Run] Plugin calculator failed to load and would be disabled1
Altgr+2 to Shift+2 results in sticky Shift3
[Feature Request] Spawn Tabtip (Touch Keyboard) to secondary screen0
STL preview for File Explorer3
Font Manager with better filtering0
[FZ Editor] layout changes are not applied1
FancyZones causes Chrome and Edge tabs to disappear when dragged between windows0
app.dark.png image missing13
[KBM] 2 finger zoom gesture causes false positive (verified on trackpad)1
PowerRename: Convert case / uppercase, lowercase, etc.0
Allow management of icon overlay handlers1
Port C++/CX projects to C++/WinRT0
[KBM] Remap based on input language0
Enable RDP to different sets of monitors0
PT Run Plugin Referencing Wox.Infrastructure0
Ctrl key gets stuck when using Keyboard Manager with Alt key0
[FancyZones] shortcut to reapply current layout for windows that are maximized or resized0
PowerToys / FancyZones stop working1
Markdown Preview Not Working0
[PowerRename, BugReportTool]1
[Color Picker] Alternative style magnifier1
[PT Run] explorer.exe instead of execute shell1
Emulate locale settings for specified app.0
[OOBE] Make overview page more welcome2
[Settings] Scrolling with page up/down not possible0
Move Cpp.Build.props and Directory.Build.props out of root dir0
[Run][Plugin Manager] UI: Plugin icons not change on theme change 0
[Run][Plugin Manager] UI: validation on textbox edit event0
[KBM] Enable/Disable individual remaps.3
[Run][Plugin Manager] UI: Need validation of action phrase for blank0
[Run][Plugin Manager] UI: Clickable author name to open plugin website1
[PT Run][Indexer] Warning only shown if at least one result is available1
[Run][Plugin Manager] UI: own settings page0
[PT Run] Notification bar - Trigger: by common interface1
[Telemetry] consider adopting ActivityId start/stop events0
Integrate Keyrate1
[KBM] remap shortcuts is too small and doesn't auto expand0
[Run, installer] unused icons are currently being installed2
PowerToys opens in Windows's tray and show a bug reporting request when clicking on its icon in Start Menu.0
Add Alt-` mapping to switch windows of the same application1
[KBM] missing shortcuts if executed fast one after another0
[KBM] Special behaviour for dead keys0
[FZ Editor] Add Show spaces around zones in canvas layout0
[KBM] Allow a shortcut to send a sequence of keys4
[ShortcutGuide] Freezes when showing0
[Color Picker] Allow to save a name for the color (that shows at mouseover)0
PowerToys Update notification does not update1
[KBM] Remap a key without effecting remap shortcut0
[PowerToys Run] Add favicons from website url0
Rethink installer and how it sets stuff up (reduce need for admin)27
Remove "Settings.UI.Library" dependency from modules2
[PT Run] Let all Shortcut keys be customizable0
[ImageResizer] Consider unifying settings definition in one place0
[Watson][FancyZones] HEAP_CORRUPTION_ACTIONABLE_BlockNotBusy_DOUBLE_FREE_c0000374_fancyzones.dll!_free_base0
[Watson][runner] NULL_POINTER_READ_c0000005_PowerToys.exe!TwoWayPipeMessageIPC::send0
[Watson][FancyZones] NULL_CLASS_PTR_WRITE_c0000005_PowerToys.exe!unknown_error_in_process0
[Watson][FancyZones] FATAL_USER_CALLBACK_EXCEPTION_c000041d_PowerToys.exe!unknown_error_in_process0
[Watson][ColorPicker] CLR_EXCEPTION_System.IO.FileNotFoundException_80070002_ColorPickerUI.dll!ColorPicker.Helpers.Logger..cctor1
[Watson][Run] CLR_EXCEPTION_80131509_ctiuser.dll!Unknown0
[Watson][Settings] STOWED_EXCEPTION_System.NullReferenceException_80004003_PowerToys.Settings.dll!PowerToys.Settings.MainWindow+__c._WindowsXamlHost_ChildChanged_b__5_20
[Watson][Settings] STOWED_EXCEPTION_System.IO.IOException_80070157_Windows.UI.Xaml.winmd!Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls.Frame.Navigate0
Two errors when trying to launch PowerToys Run from keyboard shortcut0
PowerToys bug0
[FanzyZones] Snapping a window to more zones with mouse only2
Keyboard Manager: Pasting from Windows Clipboard causes CAPS LOCK to trigger with remapped keys0
Refactor "Settings.UI.Library" 1
[Feature Request] 'Window Snap' to another window's size0
[PT Run] - Program plugin not pulling back exe naming. (example: winword)5
[KBM] Keyboard stops responding properly after using certain remappings0
Optional restore original size of windows in FancyZones1
Different desktop content per virtual desktop0
[Run] System.BadImageFormatException: Could not load file or assembly System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel0
Narrator tells English content in default languages0
powerlauncher preventing powershell 7 uninstall/update0
CDS and SpeechExec0
[Run][Shell plugin] LeaveShellOpen has no effect for cmd0
Fix SvgPreviewControlShouldSetScrollBarsEnabledPropertyWhenDoPreviewCalled test1
FancyZones 0.33.1 crash0
FancyZones - Quick switching between multiple windows in same zone0
[Bug Report Tool] add icon in the PowerToys Start menu folder1
[msi] uninstaller processes termination 0
PowerToys Run crashed on open0
Make test projects names consistent0
Change output build directory to x64 for all test projects0
Navigate Windows Using PowerToys Run.0
FancyZone Editor toolbar1
FancyZones, behavior for windows which are shown in all desktops.0
Orientation-Dependent Zones0
Do not allow two plugins with the same name0
Update MDL2 icons (range E0xx to E5xx) following MS message8
[telemetry] add telemetry events for all modules settings5
FancyZones Default Layout - Resolution resize forces revert from selected layout to default0
[Feature Request] Device Dependent Primary Mouse Button Configuration0
Power Automate Desktop flows among the actions that can be performed via PT Run0
Improve small screen UX0
[Color Picker] Option to not run in background1
[PowerRename] Recognizing the extension in the folder name3
Add ability to override window border widths to make resizing windows easier on high resolution display0
FanzyZones: Spacing always applied (even if disabled) to Grid after latest update0
Per module theme selection2
Allow any app to fullscreen (F11) which then will allow it to hide taskbar0
[KBM] improve the help text3
Modifier key doesn't work when pressing multiple keys at the same time0
[FZ] Change layouts on connected monitor change0
Image Resize - 'Use original date modified' option doesn't apply when using 'Resize the original picture' option0
Two different records with the same name and subtitle1
add user-defined file-ext but supported format for "File Explorer add-ons utility"1
Powertoys Run has noticeable input delay along with slow searches regardless of computer load3
Preserve Window position when a session is moved to RDP and back0
[Run] Mouse hover color enhancement1
Docs for plugins / port Wox plugins1
[PT Run] Be able to exclude certain programs from PowerToys Run showing1
Personalize Windows Fonts1
Switch -> Open app flow / Option to reorder results by plugin0
[PT Run] Disabling shell plugins does not work0
[FancyZones] Load existing Zone-layout via Commandline0
PowerToys Not working after hibernating my pc0
Remove NuGet.CommandLine1
Snap a Window to Center Horizontally and/or Vertically0
FancyZones - Support for quick profile Layout template apply from systray icon options or right click on taskbar entry to support quick changes based on use case0
Screen unlock made browser unusable0
FancyZones Editor displays incorrectly in multi monitors scenario when monitors are not in order0
.NET Core runtime is always downloaded indiscriminately even if it is installed already0
negative borders0
[KBM] Conditionally disable all keyboard manager remapping for specific applications.1
The Fancy Zones editor now have a minimum required size2
[Color Picker] Editor on Demand3
'sleep' actually hibernates1
Can't Reach FancyZones From Start Menu0
[FancyZones] stops working with space around zones less than -102
Additional NUL is sent in WSL before and after mapped-to key0
[Run] investigate DPI Awareness for font rendering3
💻 Option to run ColorPickerUI (or other modules) via command line2
Fancyzones layout syncing 0
[PowerRename] Ability to update the Title tag0
[pt run] Option to just launch browser and use query to search7
"run at startup" setting doesn't persist after closing settings window0
Quick search layouts from keyboard0
Allow typing in the "Renamed" column when PowerRenaming0
FancyZones cannot use different layouts in different virtual desktops (Run as admin)0
[Image Resizer] Resized image is blurry1
[PowerToys Run] steam app Binding of Isaac Rebirth does not launch correctly0
[Watson][FancyZones] APPLICATION_HANG_cfffffff_fancyzones.dll!FancyZones::HandleWinHookEvent2
[Watson][runner] NULL_POINTER_READ_c0000005_PowerToys.exe!TwoWayPipeMessageIPC::send0
[Watson][FancyZones] FAIL_FAST_FATAL_APP_EXIT_c0000409_fancyzones.dll!terminate0
Allow another modification key + Drag to bring up a different layout for Fancy Zones0
Run froze then stopped working1
Update notification is not readable in french0
[Welcome to PowerToys - Color Picker]: 'Learn more about color picker' link does not adopt high contrast black and white theme on mouse hovering.2
[Welcome to PowerToys - Color Picker]: No option is available to 'Play/Pause' the animated 'giphy' image present on the color picker pane.0
[FancyZones] Does not activate with GTK3 Window0
Override "Windows Snap" with the mouse on the edges of the screen ? (like "Override Windows Snap hotkeys")0
Ubisoft Connect - Padding on all 4 sides after dragging into a Fancy Zone0
[FancyZones Editor]: FancyZones editor window does not adapt 225% resize mode setting.3
[FancyZones Editor - Create new layout]: Mouse hovering on 'Create' button at HC black and white theme its text 'Create' does not get properly visible.0
[FancyZones] - Extending multiple zones window snapping0
Ability to auto-hide VCM toolbar at all times, or a few seconds after making a change2
[FancyZones Editor - Edit layout ]: In scan mode, Narrator focus leaves the edit layout dialog and navigate to the background elements navigating via 'Up/Down' arrow keys.0
[FancyZones Editor - Edit layout ]: In scan mode, Narrator focus gets stuck at edit field and not getting out of it.0
Allow for manual zone numbers0
[PowerToy Run] Open Color Picker0
[FancyZones Editor]: Text 'Templates' and 'Custom' should be defined as heading. 0
[FancyZones Editor - Edit layout]: Text 'Edit layout' of the edit layout dialog should be defined as heading.1
[FancyZones Editor - Edit Custom layout]: On activating ‘delete layout’ button, focus doesn’t land on the delete popup and the narrator doesn’t announce the delete warning message.0
Have PowerToys Run always visible (like a desktop widget)0
[FZ Editor] Edit dialog title: "Edit layout" -> "Edit template"2
[FancyZones Editor - Edit layout]: Error message doesn't get identified for the edit fields of edit layout dialog by entering value other than its defined range.1
Color Picker not working correctly with Touch / Stylus3
PowerToys Run disable automatically.0
[SVG Preview] settings inconsitency1
Build fail in cp949 encoding0
[docs] Preview pane docs outdated1
Newly added microphones aren't muted0
[Run][Program plugin] clean up log entries0
[FancyZones] Apps don't return to zones after resuming from sleep2
FancyZones adjustable gap0
Ability to add new shortcut for the application.0
FancyZones: Bottom of windows being snapped underneath taskbar.5
Allow binding Video conference mute hotkeys to a single key exotic keys0
FancyZones + RemoteApp + "Override WIndows Snap shortcut" mouse position offset incorrect0
[FZ] Minimize windows when switching layouts with fewer zones0
FancyZones does not recognize WSLg windows1
Snapping multiple windows of the same process0
[FZ Editor] show messagebox if edited layout is invalid0
Mapping Alt+Left to MediaNext also remaps all other meta-key combinations1
PowerToys Run truncate leading newlines0
New feature: use key to constrain mouse movement only in one axis (horizontally or vertically)0
I have more than one of the same camera.0
Some apps does not take the whole fancy dedicated zone 0
[Run][Plugin manager] Show error state on missing plugin requirements1
Copy or move files with regular expression0
[Enhancement] custom activation region for overlapping zones1
"Windows cannot find '[...]/windowsdesktop-runtime.exe'" error when running installer0
Allow "No Layout" as quick-switchable option within FancyZones (or hotkey to disable FZ)0
Color picker should be integrated to Windows0
Preview file in Recycle Bin0
Some applications stretch far wide when attempting to pin to zone(s), clipping off the screen0
Remapped Shortcuts Periodically Stop Functioning0
[TweakUI] Allow customization of icon text0
Multiple layouts active at same time0
Kicad and FancyZones not playing along nicely0
Powertoys Run crashes when shutting down pc6
[FancyZones] Make zones resizable by typing or hotkey to halve the movement rate0
[Run] Improve error message for file not found1
[runner] prevent the runner from starting on older than 19031
Update all modules to drop the module API to load/save settings0
[Settings > Color Picker] strange effect Toggle Switches when moving items1
PowerToys Run encountered some problems0
[Run][Calculator Plugin] Error when using '.' as decimal Separator0
FancyZones Editor: Sort custom layouts in alphabetical order or by drag and drop1
Paint tabs on taskbar to corresponding window(s)0
Teams vertical size in FancyZones is wrong.0
v0.37 PT RUN : Loading plugins forever.1
Second Monitor with different Resolution having PowerToys Window displayed Out of Screen Bounds0
Program hangs on background after switching Windows account0
PowerToysRun still has problems0
Use Reactive extensions on PowerToys Run input panel - waiting for the whole input to be typed before performing search2
Short hang when switch to "Keyboard Manger" in Settings UI0
Fancy Zones don't acknowledge/offset based on left-side start bar11
Shortcut Guide and Color Picker Clash on screen0
Add Snap Assist Windows preview tool to FZ0
[Feature-Request] PT Run: custom order for Plugins0
"You'll need a new app to open this powertoys link"0
Audible Feedback for PowerToys Run0
PowerToys Run Window Invisible0
[Awake] idea: add date/time as method to end10
Toggle on old Photoviewer0
Monitor file changes in Markdown preview, update when file is changed.0
Fancy Zones Editor Crashing0
Docking Laptop with Fancy Zones0
[Bug Report tool] Add in app is run from different user flag of some sort0
Test harness for testing Preview pane components0
[Watson][runner] FAIL_FAST_FATAL_APP_EXIT_c0000409_PowerToys.exe!unknown_error_in_process0
[Watson][FancyZones] APPLICATION_HANG_cfffffff_fancyzones.dll!_anonymous_namespace_::WindowPool::NewZoneWindow0
[Watson][Color Picker] CLR_EXCEPTION_80131534_ColorPickerUI.exe!unknown_function0
[Watson][Run] CLR_EXCEPTION_System.NullReferenceException_80004003_PowerLauncher.dll!Unknown0
Rereview project dependencies in solution0
Disabling Windows Task View including edge swipe0
[FancyZones] Microsoft Teams snapping issue0
powertoys randomly stops working (might already be a reported bug. not sure)0
PowerToys Run "Ignore shortcuts in fullscreen mode" doesn't ignore shortcuts if running Citrix Workspace in fullscreen0
[runner] add trace logging to WinMain0
Use MOD_NOREPEAT along with RegisterHotKey0
[Auto-update][Settings] New updating experience: Behavior without admin rights1
Bug when starting up powertoys and then using the tray icon to open window0
Remapping CAPSLOCK to ALT GR is not saved0
[ColorPicker] Add keyboard accelerators to the editor1
建议新增全屏翻译功能/Add full-screen translation0
FancyZones: Set dafault layout to be used after startup0
Issue with vertical 2K screen and Fancy Zones. Although Fancy Zones show the correct formation, when holding Shift to activate zones, the zones are set for different resolution.0
Shortcuts stop working after changing monitors0
PowerToys Awake stores the logs outside standard convention2
[Awake][Settings] Update the Settings after changing anything from the system tray.2
[Awake] enable localization2
Task bar auto hide0
[SVG Preview] Updating selected icon breaks its thumbnail0
Update issue again0
PowerToys Run downloads dropbox cloud files0
Open quicklaunch shortcuts in Run without "~\"0
Fail to initialize plugins error2
Run - Calculator stops updating0
[FancyZones] option to hide zone number on drag3
there isn't any tray icon of PowerToys in the tray when it running in the background 0
Change size of a window symmetrically0
FayncyZones should not assume the screens are a rectengular0
[Feature Request] Switching dgpu-igpu applications from the menu with the right mouse button.0
Color Picker - Allow color name window to have fixed location0
[Feature Request] Tab through groups of windows in tileable areas0
[PowerRename] Add option to delete items from rename history0
Auto Hide mouse pointer/cursor0
Fancy Zones: Allow for having a "default zone" when using "Move newly created windows to current active monitor"0
Resize presets for applications1
Mouse Keys to trigger Keyboard Shortcuts 6
Color picker returns incorrect values when an icc color profile is used on monitor0
[Feature-Request][PT Run] Display available action keys preview4
Allow WinKey to be directly mapped for PT Run0
Handle CA2227 appropriately0
PowerShell scripts on build to fail if files aren't signed / versioned correctly1
[PowerRename] allow to increment found numbers0
Rename Presets/Profiles0
[Run-Plugin] [Unit Convertor] Enable localized conversions1
[Run-Plugin] [Windows Settings] Add unit tests2
[ModuleTemplate] Building fails out of box1
PowerLauncher.exe causing issues with some program installers0
Installer kills powertoys.exe without verifying it is installer itself0
Preserve Date created and Date accessed when copying0
[FZ Dragging] - Maximize to drag into zone back to maximized restore0
FancyZones layout defaults to predefined layout during remote desktop session0
[Color Picker] Triggering with single function keys not possible1
PowerToys causes extreme delay when pressing keys on the keyboard.0
Incorrect resolution displayed when using DPI scaling0
Disable "Resize the original pictures" when dragging and dropping0
PowerToys Run: Snippets for URLs0
Cannot start automatically with boot0
Handle running on behalf of another user1
Image Resizer - Size Grouping Categories for different scenarios0
FancyZones editor to allow custom zones for Win11 snapping2
Cursor Coordinate Display as tooltip0
new UI haven't disable variable fresh rate like g-sync0
Generalized Notification Bar for ColorPicker0
Allow custom Fancy Zones to exceed the bounds of the screen0
FancyZones: Force windows to open in zones0
display numbers associated with taskbar items for easy "win key + num" switching1
Inconsistent naming of (PowerToys) Awake6
UWP windows don't open in last known zone with multimonitor setup0
fancyzone error for everything program0
[Docs][Run] List plugin secrets1
Fancy Zone Editor screen is smaller and do not fit all screen when I have two screens, the final result is OK, but the editor screen do not fit all screen0
[Idea-New PowerToy] A Utility to Show Folder Sizes in Treemap Mode0
[Color Picker] Decimal format0
Display mouse location and windows clipboard manager not working after switching 'ctrl' and 'alt'0
Keyboard Manager does not recognize Canadian Multilingual keyboard keys0
add a placeholder to the search bar with an indication of the search language0
[PowerRename] Normal enumeration0
Change confusing, inconsistent application name suffix "(preview)"1
[Color Picker] Freeze screen when picker is activated0
Shortguide but only for taskbar app numbers0
Tool to configure Font Linking1
Color Picker1
tb-vol-scroll funcionalidad0
An option to remove shortcuts keys in settings0
PowerToys interferes with mouse shortcuts set on Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Center0
Open feature from the UI0
Shortcut Guide: Localization of hotkey does not work correctly in other than en-us keyb layout1
Flag to close inbox apps at install0
Allow selection of specific PowerToys Run results with keyboard shortcuts0
Update installed with the default settings instead of previous install.0
FancyZones in Windows 11 leaving gaps between zones.0
[Color Picker- Editor]: Screen Reader is not announcing the position for 'Color Format' button when user navigate to 'copy to Clipboard' button.2
Suggestion on how Awake tray icon should behave6
[Screen Readers - Power Toys - Awake]: screen readers do not announce checked status of menu items in Awake system tray icon context menu0
powertoys run: `<` shows all running applications (as switcheroo does)0
Choose / change systray icon0
Include "Restart as admin" button to file explorer add ins settings0
Provide a replacement for Advanced Appearance Settings dialog that has gone missing0
Image Resizer is using width for height... I think.1
Start PowerToys Run directly from the runner1
Introduce support for screensavers in PowerToys0
[General]: Screen Reader doesn't announce status message which appear on screen when user activate 'Check for Updates' button.1
Display the sleep type on sleep 1
[PowerRename] Undo.0
image resizer in new folder0
[Screen Readers - Power Toys - Color Picker]: An element's IsOffScreen property must be false when its clickable point is on screen.1
[PowerToys Run - Editor]: Color Contrast ratio of Keyboard focus indicator on 'Run as Administrator', 'Open Containing folder' and 'Open Path in Console' is 1.7:1 which is less than 3:1. 1
PT Run calculator plugin setting ignored after update0
[PowerToys Run - Editor]: Text and icon present under Search Launcher window does not adapt properly on 225% resize mode1
[Run][Calculator Plugin] Use numpad for decimals when localisation uses comma1
[Image Resizer] Show original image size0
Awake from command-line is not reflected in the interface1
get state of Awake (command-line)1
handles and save for FancyZones0
Dragging Windows Laggy/Unresponsive When Using Remote Desktop0
Video Conference Mute unable to show video [Version 0.36.0]1
[Color Picker] Color Wheel1
Still doesn't respect last location0
[Fluent UX] PowerToys Run11
Please optimize PowerToys Run0
FancyZones: Window should be put into the selected zones in a multi-monitor setup1
Optional Sleep/Shutdown at Awake period end3
SetWindowsHookEx error on launch0
Image Resizer and format0
Windows Explorer Position on launch2
PowerToys Run Search Results with indicator when more items available than showing0
PT Run - doesn't understand/find several system commands (*.msc) (IE device manager)2
Direct Indicator of which virtual desktop currently on2
When using multiple monitors, make layout shortcut key in FancyZones work on: (i) both monitors and/or (ii) monitor with active window (instead of or in addition to monitor with mouse pointer).0
Precise Zone Sizing in Fancy Zones0
Add shortcut to unsnap windows from FancyZones 0
PowerToys Run Bug: Write anything after start and close window.0
Feature Request: Custom Font0
FZ editor: 5 rows max. in custom layout1
[PowerToys Run] Upgrade .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 69
SVG Thumbnail does not contain the whole SVG image0
PowerToys-Explorer Preview cannot handle a certain xml property0
FancyZone: Please support restore all windows position and size with one hotkey, after windows position and size changed by extend-monitor pull-out and push-in.0
Cascade, stack, side by side, restore windows to a fancy zone0
PowerToys Awake does not process SendMessage messages1
.NET Core download progress is not displayed correctly0
[Feature Request] Smarter Startup Apps...0
Awake not working1
Video Conference Overlay opens on startup when "Enable Video Conference" feature is set to "Off".0
Power Rename - Option - Enumerate Items - Duplicates Only0
PowerRename - Options - Enumerate Items - Custom Brackets 0
Support for Enterprise Windows revision: 18090
[Run-Plugin] [Program] doesn't find PowerPoint with the search string "ppt"2
[Run] Word not first search result0
Update installed but asking to update0
When installing elevate privileges before downloading files0
Change name color when editing zone1
Screen setup change should adapt Video Conference Mute toolbar position0
[KBM] Auto-select keymap according to keyboard being typed on0
Since powertoys are seperate...0
Exclude specific windows of an application (FancyZones)0
C# projects with analyzers disabled1
Powertoys Awake unknown software exception during Windows Update Install Restart0
Dropping at the edge of fancy zone resizes the window to fill the half of the zone1
[FancyZones] window exceeds vertical limit when using groupy1
[Settings] recap: Navigation items1
[PT Run] It cannot work until I use my computer for a while0
Independent Custom Zone Size0
Power Rename > Options > Enumerate Items, Sorting needed0
FancyZones to be editor for Windows 11 snap engine1
Fancy Zones - Other RDP Resolution0
Streamline saving same name files.0
Doesn't work with harmony hub keyboard shortcuts0
Run: Calculator: `(` should automatically replace with `(|)` or encapsulate selection `(a+b)|`1
Quick Clipboard Word Counting0
SendToX - Restore this very useful former powertoy0
[FancyZones] Configurable FZ Editor defaults6
Custom Close Lid functionality when external displays are connected 0
Adding the Hebrew language0
TextMacros in Keyboardmanager0
[FancyZones Editor] Possibility to change the number of zones in the custom layouts as for templates.0
FancyZones additive canvas editor keyboard support0
Lorem Ipsum Generator0
Color Picker - Replace Windows default colour picker0
Feature request: Fancyzones personalize colour, fonts, zone nicknames for distinguishability0
PowerToys Runner (powertoys.exe) is trying to use the Internet every two hours0
[PowerRename] allow moving files to new subfolders0
Unable to search files on synced, offline file share folder0
[PowerRename] Adjust sorting for numeric named files0
Possibility to send programs to zones via console.0
App icon opens and closes on taskbar when launching PowerToys app.0
FancyZones - Select multiple zones0
[FancyZones Editor] Adopt WinUI 2.6 colors1
[Image Resizer] Adopt WinUI 2.6 colors 0
PT Run: Rename index warning checkbox to "Disable non-indexed files warning"1
Add an option to manage status1
Awake - There is no tray icon but Awake process is running in the background2
Feature Request: Mirror desktop in specific zone0
Improved trackpad gestures0
Smooth (Windows 11-like) animation for snapping windows to a specific zone0
Color picker library1
Customize searched folders in Run0
Mirror flip monitor for telepromtper displays powertoy0
Is it possible to control where an application launches with a tool like this if the application itself does not offer that control?0
Shortcut for real-time screen layout customization0
Some keys are not properly mapped when using a modifier key0
Make PowerToys features searchable in 'PowerToys Run'0
When I use the "FancyZones" tool to merge two or more application windows, the merged window will exceed the range set by the editor0
Restore to this screen: Open minimized window to specific screen/desktop0
Add option to move (all at once or multiple / selectable) open Windows from one display to another and to different Virtual Desktops1
Doesn't update properly via WinGet0
Replace the gif encoder in ImageResizer1
PowerToys Run and Ease of Access1
Long result list can't be browsed/scrolled easily1
FancyZones Grid, specify rows and columns separately0
keyboard mapping buggy0
Tautology phrase0
Awake has no indicator of the hours/minutes remaining for "temporary" monitoring2
[Suggestion] ImageResizer Optional quality with size profile0
Context menu to copy from markdown preview pane1
More Windows 11 matching UI elements0
keyboard remap for powershell scripts/programs2
[Runner] Update tray menu to WinUI 2.6 style0
Can we add a "Paste to Keyboard" feature to Keyboard Manager?0
Fancy Zones won't merge0
Resizing PowerToys Run Search box4
Configurable keyboard shortcut to toggle state of Awake3
Invert colors mode + hotkey0
[pwt Run] full width parentheses support when calculating2
[FZ] Sharp corner on Windows 111
PowerToys run is not being active on first call.0
Provide a general option to set the shell to be used in for Run Command or when a path is opened in Console0
Color code files in File Explorer0
[FancyZones] add "Zone ID text color" to Appearance Settings0
[PowerRename] : add an important function:  Favorites / Bookmarks7
Keyboard manager prevents 3/4 finger tap functionality for touchpad on 2018 13' Macbook Pro in bootcamp0
[FancyZones] Add automatic tabbed interface to each zone0
[Color Picker] Feature request: copy alias string with specified color0
fancyzones upgrade as Dynamic Tiles Manager0
Switch light / dark easily0
remapping a shortcut to run app 1 or app 2 doesn't seem to work2
Awake - show current state in tooltip 2
Awake - more choice of temporary duration on context menu3
Feature Request: Win+Shift+Arrows Moves Between Monitors, and Win+Z Moves to Last Fancy Zone?0
FancyZones: Running on Hyper-V guest VM: Extend window shortcuts don't work ( "ctrl + win + alt + up / down")0
Better Layout quick switch0
FancyZones - Print screen with Sharex installed + multiple screen0
Custom Profile Gets Deleted0
PC froze for a second, and then keyboard manager stopped working0
[powertoys run] add time calculation (days:hours:minutes)0
Allow for Naming Zones in Fancy Zones0
Separate shortcut for opening editor (when in color picker only mode).1
Find out how to treat spdlog warning on the pipeline0
Feature Request: Shift + Windows left/right moves between a secondary zone template0
Corners or windows remaining rounded when snapping to fancy zone0
[PowerRename] - Misleading error message for rename with invalid character0
Inconsistent windows resizing0
Save and restore location and size of the opened windows.0
[FancyZones] Can't create a 1600px wide zone on a 1440p monitor.0
Key manager: 2 keys mapped and pressed together make one of them or both being stuck0
Add aka.ms link for license0
Zone preview bad with wrong (display) scaling adjustment applied0
Fancy Zones - Snapping a Window to Two or More Zones - Doesn't Work1
Fancy Zones overlap in Windows 110
[Color Picker, Editor] light dismiss type of window sometimes not functional1
[PT run] Add ability to exclude files/folders/filetypes directly in PT run without having to change windows indexing1
[PT run] Make "selection history" stronger in scoring system then applications1
[Settings] Add restart button to restart warnings2
[Settings] Aborting "Restart as admin" closes settings1
Temporarily Maximize a window0
Single key remap not working0
Fancy Zones: Move to last known zone inconsistent with MS Teams0
Windows Explorer Process hanging and thumbnail cache gets corrupted.0
Fancy Zones Enhancement- define zones as currently in use on screen0
FancyZones not following window scaling value in Display settings with some application windows0
Crash due to Image.cache because it is being used by another process.15
[request] Can videos be used to show interaction?0
Shortcut overlay disregard `DisabledHotkeys` registry setting.0
[VideoConferenceMute] Add command hooks for state changes0
PowerToys run silently on startup in hotdesk domain environment0
File content search in Windows Search plugin 1
Add toggle to FancyZones to allow CTRL+ALT+WIN+[Key] to set a custom layout to only 1 monitor0
SVG thumbs on OneDrive3
[Run] Open other PowerToys1
Detectable lag between typing a character and seeing it display; lag in search results3
[Suggestion][FancyZones] Additional hotkey "win + shift + numpad" for quick window resizing0
PowerToys Run: Allow user to change the sort order0
[FancyZones Editor] Merge zones after resizer deletion0
Move to top of screen maximize.0
Welcome window translation isn't done2
Windows Terminal launch fails with admin rights (Admin By Request)0
dwm.exe / dedicated gpu memory randomly changing size 0 to 184+ MB 0 in loop every 3-4 seconds according to task manager0
Selective Application Color Inversion 1
PowerToys Run Idea : Option to change Ctrl+C to Copy the file instead of copying the File Path1
Request to shutdown the Windows Explorer while updating PT6
Ability to use factorials in calculations3
Icons in sidebar of Welcome Tour Window Flicker when switching views0
An error occurs when a key with a shortcut key is entered together with a function key0
powertoys run not working1
Keyboard Manger - Sticky Keys Timeout0
NinjaTrader 8 will not snap to FancyZones0
Add a feedback section0
Make the Dark Theme properly again.0
Automatically activate Awake when selected apps are in focus1
I18N issues in 0.450
Distraction Dimmer - HazeOver / dim all but7
[Uninstall] Mentiones COM surrogates?3
Remaped keys CTRL+C/V to ALT+C/V insert @copiedString@ into PowerShell 7.1.4 console0
Error message when closing settings if welcome to powertoys had been opend.0
FancyZones: windows not matching new zone size on layout change after restart.0
[Feature Request] File Shredder / Secure delete files1
Save Color Pallette1
FancyZones not working with HWinfo sensor graph window0
Separate Activation for Keys and Shortcuts, under Keyboard Manager Remapping0
Make keyboard shortcuts for specific layouts of choice0
[Run Plugin manager] Allow multiple authors0
[Settings] Plugin search field: Text and symbol overlap1
mpv and mpc-hc not resizing on fancyzones1
Shortcut to minimize all apps from specific monitor / display0
FancyZones drop windows from second display after wakeup0
New Fancy Zones layout will not take effect after changing monitor resolution.1
PowerRename - Add Modified Timestamp to Variable Replacement1
Powertoys Run Calculator fails to calculate on rapid term entry1
[PowerToys Run] Give a warning for shortcuts we expect to still have focus issues0
Remote Citrix windows0
Translation issues for NL1
Option for 'Alt + Tab' cycling only through applications in the focused display0
Docs still contain v1 settings for the old web interface1
FancyZones - Maximize window by Win+ArrowUp in the top area when override windows snap0
Highlighted text to search engine0
Getting context menu items as tier 1 items in Windows 116
Solution for viewing and managing archive files1
[File Explorer] File Explorer Add-Ons folder and namespace naming inconsistency0
Video Conference Mute Toolbar font size does not follow Windows settings1
Zone display bug for grid mode while editing zones0
FancyZones Editor Layout Name changes on its own0
Camera overlay image not selectable7
[Lux Control] Draw a colored and transparent layer over some specific windows0
[PowerRename] Feature request for `Visual editing`0
Mute microphone and turn off video when screen saver runs0
Fancy zones - Different layouts depending on Monitor Arrangement0
Image resizer not changing size0
FancyZones Editor non apply layout0
Keyboard Manager ignores remapped Win + shortcuts after a while0
[GitHub] GPG key for bug reporting0
FancyZones stopped working for few areas0
FancyZones - Automatic scaling of zones0
Zones created in canvas mode with multi monitors and text scaling at 125% produces zones of the wrong size1
More fine grained control over how Video Conference Mute status is relayed.0
Suggestion for keyboard manager0
Update installed, but installation files not deleted.0
Hold Remapped Page Up key does not work0
Something went wrong1
[PT run] Initial selection is not consistent and sometimes even incorrect1
[PowerToys Run] Shell execution of batch files with args fails0
Zone editor display on multi-monitor doesn't detect Portrait vs Landscape monitor orientation0
[Settings: ImageResizer] Edit size dialog: Add validation against empty name0
Upgraded to v0.45.0 settings window no longer opens0
FancyZones Error log0
Drop down menu leaves settings window0
[KBM] CapsLock Status as a modifier in Remap Shortcuts0
[Color Picker]: Narrator does not announce any information after moving any color format list item under Color format list.1
[Settings]: There is no Accessible name for ‘Edit’ Dialog box.1
[ImageResizer]: The Keyboard focus moves to ‘JPEG’ encoding Combo-Box after removing the ‘Image size’.0
[ImageResizer]: In Scan Mode, Narrator Remains Silent when focus is on ‘Width and Length’ Label.0
FancyZones choose zone type modal form isn't central0
[VideoConferenceMute] does not mute0
[PowerToys Run] Visual Studio Code previously opened workspaces not found1
[General]: 'Download updates automatically' label is not associated with its toggle switch.1
Option to disable suspension of keymappings inside module settings. 1
[Keyboard Manager]: 'Remap a key' Dialog is not getting closed using 'ESC' key.0
[Keyboard Manager]: Descriptive name is not defined for 'Type' buttons and 'Key 1' combo boxes.0
v0.45.0 / "Checking for updates..." - running indefinitely3
[Keyboard Manager]: CCA fails for keyboard focus on combo boxes.0
[UX] Update icons to Segoe Fluent Icons3
[FEATURE REQUEST] Layers for keyboard shortcuts on the keyboard manager. Basically Tom Scott's emoji keyboard but with multiple layers on the keyboard instead of having dozens of keyboards plugged in your computer.0
[Docs & translations] Update docs and UI to match [Win] key for ScG4
Input delay when using Powertoys Run0
FZ Crashing when moving windows between zones - redemp0
Remapped keys are sent across an RDP session together with the original keypress0
[Keyboard Manager] On `Remap Shortcuts`, configure the first "key" list of options to only include modifiers0
[Keyboard Manager]: Tooltip is getting closed on 'Remove Remapping' button when cursor is moved.0
[Shortcut Guide]: CCA fails on place holder text at 'Exclude apps' edit field.0
[Fancy Zone Editor - Create new layout]: Keyboard focus indicator does not land on Name edit field of 'Choose Layout Type' dialogue when user activates 'Create new layout' button and gets lost.0
[Shortcut Guide]: Narrator is not announcing proper information on 'Shortcut Guide'.0
[PowerRun]: Narrator does not announce that PowerRun Shortcut Dialog Box has opened.1
Add preview for EPS files0
Fancy Zone with Mica theme for W11 and Aero for W100
[Fancy Zone]: In scan mode Narrator's focus is not going on sub-text under labels of group dropdown interactive controls.0
Want to be able to change a default Fancy Zone0
[FancyZones] Profile Switching should move and resize windows to fit new profile0
FancyZone expand window not working1
[Fancy Zones] Configurable layout flash time0
[Image Resizer]: In scan mode of Narrator, focus is going separately on label 'Fits within 854 x 480 pixels' and announces it in 4 parts while requiring it 3 down arrow key presses to navigate.0
[Feature Request] [Image Resizer- Add a size]: While adding a size a dialogue should appear that has fields required to fill data to add a new size, while adding a new size.0
[Image Resizer - Encoding]: Narrator does not inform the user that use up or down arrow key to change the value of the edit field when focus navigates to the JPEG quality level edit field.0
[Image Resizer - Edit image sizes]: Keyboard focus indicator does not navigate to the 'Clear text' button defined for edit fields on Edit a size dialogue.1
[Keyboard Manager - Remap a key]: On opening the Type dialogue, screen reader does not provide the information for the key that has been pressed.0
[PowerRename]:In High Contrast Mode, Keyboard focus is similar to Controls Boundary.1
[Keyboard Manager-Remap Keys]: Name property is not descriptive enough for ‘Mapped to’ key combo box.0
[PowerRun]: Keyboard focus is visible twice on 'Plugins' list.1
FancyZones opaque zone when dragging window0
Add Touch Feature to PowerRename to Change File(s) Date and Time0
[Keyboard Manager] Add an option for remapped keys to return to default when a modifier key is pressed0
[Settings]: Keyboard focus indicator moves to 'Welcome to power toys' button as soon as user activates any menu item1
[File explorer and add-on]: Info icon and its associated text ( i ) are incorrectly defined into Navigation Landmarks.0
[PT Run] Results with spaces as input0
Powertoys Run: query table using search word and show up the results0
[Fluent UX] Color Picker2
Modifier key to snap windows to FancyZones using windows key + arrows0
lock computer and put display to sleep0
[Settings][Shortcut Guide] Incorrect translation on win key warning0
Allow for additional camera adjustments/options0
FancyZones moves PT Settings window into a zone (first run after update)1
MS Teams issue with Fancy Zones0
PowerRename does not show up in the extended right-click menu on System folders0
FancyZones movings windows to other zones and changing layout settings for one monitor0
Long inputs in PowerToys Run cause the grey preview text to not line up.0
Change process base priority of PowerToys Run0
PDF Preview can be a 100%0
Text rendering blur with non 100% scale displaying1
PowerToys Run "," or "." on the calculator2
'Double click to open' settings on taskbar0
Open PowerToys shortcut0
need Ctrl+G of LIstary0
FancyZones: Windows of equal applications are opened at the same position0
Some PowerToys processes are running in Operating system context: Windows Vista0
Color picker - Lab format: use roundoff optional0
Windows out ouf screen boundaries0
[File Explorer] Add a warning that previously generated thumbnails won't disappear when disabled1
Disable Keyboard manager by default on Games (Full screen apps)5
ApplicationFrameHost.exe in PowerToys Run always, even when no UWP windows are open1
Color picker window, right edge off screen1
PT Run input not active7
Have Runner verify app dependencies2
[Settings]: Narrator focus does not move to 'Enable auto-complete' toggle button with Narrator Shortcut 'B' key.0
PowerToys Run Hint with starting a keyword1
Boost is a product name, should not be translated2
File-Explorer-Add-Ons error message at start0
Space Around Zones doesn't stay at 01
[PowerToys Run]: Available Search results are not announced by Narrator0
Powertoys (-Run/Powerlauncher.exe) crashes during shutdown3
"Quick Assist" app window does not snap to any FancyZones window0
FancyZones zone behavior's icon missing 0
window and content size difference0
Not Finding mp3 files 0
[WinUI] Use modern title bar5
[PowerToys Run]: Text is not adopting High Contrast Mode.1
FancyZones forgets my zones2
Limit the list of keyboards cycled with Win+Space / Alt+Shift0
FancyZones doesn't save last know zone any more when moving between monitors0
FancyZones can't be used for TencentMeeting properly.0
define window position when switching between 1 and n monitors0
FancyZones - Move newly created windows to active monitor issues when switching multiple W10 Virtual Desktops0
WinAPI function MouseScroll doesnt work1
Tooltip not shown when clicking help questionmark0
Issue with Shortcut Arrows on desktop0
New feature in File Manager Add-ons1
PowerToys starts up on login, but does not show up in Task Manager's Startup tab1
FancyZones layout changes to Priority Grid after sleep in 0.47.14
Power rename option to use file date actually uses folder date0
[FancyZones] Incorrect Firefox placement0
[PowerToys Run] Integrate to the search icon on Taksbar0
Error while upgrading0
File explorer addon: PDF thumbnails are generated during PowerToys upgrade, even if setting is off2
Color picker also shows/detects the color of the pixel grid1
"Shortcut" mistranslated0
Laptop Lid Closed, Single Exterior Monitor activated using W +P. Unable to proceed after selection in Editor.0
Endless explorer.exe loop during install0
ISO 8601 for PowerRename0
fancyzones 布局快捷方式无法正常使用 to win11.2581
Settings reseted after screen switch0
Switching off a single monitor and turning it back on loses custom Fancyzones.0
Request: Temp folder workspace 0
Couldn't Modify File Explorer Modules1
[request] Quick run circular / pie menu for mouse only control0
image resizer phantom0
Can't quit because of this app.0
App-specific zooming. (FancyZone integration?)0
Assign a specific App to a specific Zone0
Please add AVIF option to Image Resizer, high compression open standard0
PowerToys not using Microsoft store for new update0
updater opens PowerToysBootstraper help dialog0
[PT Run] Tool tip hides immediately if it is shown second and more times1
Program starts on the monitor it is opened from0
Feature Request: PowerToys Run: Convert between HEX, DEC, OCT and BIN etc0
Sometimes PowerToys Run lose keyboard focus0
Browser tab freezes when trying to snap it back with other tabs already zoned1
Bluetooth and/or media keys support for Video Conference Mute0
Multiple error logs regarding to powerlauncher0
FancyZones reverts to defaults when docking and undocking Surface Pro 7 using Surface Dock 21
My settings randomly trigger keyboard malfunction0
FancyZones: Percentage Sizing0
Update shortcut guide keyboard shortcut1
"Double Shift" for PowerToys Run0
Add 0 to the number when renaming(重命名时对编号补0)0
use key map will send origin key to system0
Key Remap [VK 242] does not work as expected - PowerToys0
ColorPickerUI appears to reference CoreSDK 3.1.20 instead of Shared Framework (runtime)0
Pristine installation (or equivalent) that does not preserve current settings.0
Add preview for 3D scene or model files0
Video Conference Mute Toolbar1
Zoom continuously crashes with Video Conference Mute enabled11
Keyboard map F13 to Printscreen stopped working Windows 110
PowerToys failing to install due to access issue when done via Microsoft Store1
Key "sticks" if you map it to Alt and use Task Switcher (normally Alt+Tab) with mapped key0
Maximize to new Virtual Desktop1
FanzyZones Keep window size when snapping0
OutOfMemoryException out of the blue0
How to set Space Around Zones to 0?0
Crash setting window when scrolling to bottom of some configurations0
[Settings - PT Run] Rephrase 'Maximum number of results'1
Manually downloading updates fails silently0
Extended Window functionality with additional buttons0
Better folder searching to navigate explorer1
Program plugin causes failure0
[Run]Add the possibility to filter off results0
FancyZones cannt be monitor specific as previous version ( when more than 1 moitor)0
FancyZones: CDisplayEx can't snap to the edge of the screen.0
Warn user when a second PowerToys shortcut is the same as a current one or replaces a Microsoft Windows defined shortcut.0
Option to ignore monitor/taskbar edge borders when setting space around zones0
[VCM] Win+N conflicts with Notification center with Win119
PowerToys built in updater failed0
[Validate] Scancodes vs vkey for KBM4
[FindMyMouse] Option to disable on full screen windows1
System Focus highlighter 0
[VideoConferenceMute] VCM do not respect Windows DPI scaling4
Mouse utilities - Find my mouse - not disabling during game in borderless windowed mode1
[Settings] polish UX after "add a new size"0
an option to put the speakers along with the universal mute in VCM0
[Settings] no info for reason why VCM (conference mute) cannot be enabled8
Return the applications to its previous state.0
USB keyboard can cause mouse-focus on wake1
[PowerRename] Can't use ALT GR shortcuts for special characters on AZERTY layout10
[VideoConferenceMute] Option to hide after delay while mic or camera is off0
installer shows what looks to be string format slugs0
virus-like installation behaviour0
Support OKHSL and OKHSV color space0
Explorer Crash0
[Validate] KBM vKey to random key3
[request] show fanzy zones when you move a window to top of screen0
Hide toolbar when microphone/camera is MUTED3
Grey screen during install0
Mark Disabled "Toys" in the settings list1
Always on highlight for mouse5
FancyZones improved opacity controls0
Installation of PowerToys breaks Meet camera in browser attached to it0
Update Notification in Windows Action Center Does Not Initiate Update1
File Explorer support for .stl / .gcode file format. 1
[ColorPicker] Edit color dialog: hex field not working as expected3
[Image Resizer] Option to reorder presets and/or show presets as buttons instead of a drop-down0
[PowerRename] Add the feature to rename the file name to a hash0
Exception Processing Message - Unexpected Parameters0
Find My Mouse overlays on taskbar3
an error occurred trying to install this update0
[OOBE] GIFs are outdated2
FancyZones compatibility issues with Greenshot0
[Settings] Lost window focus after toggling checkbox0
Incorrect translation of Vidéo Conférence Mute buton in French0
FancyZones showing preview on most but not all screens when snapping0
Mute button on Microsoft USB Speaker to control VCM0
[Keyboard Manager] Win→Alt does not always work0
Add option for virtual cameras in video conference mute3
Keyboard Manager re-mapped keys are ignored in Power Toys UI0
Child windows should not be affected by Fancy Zones2
[VCM] Some camera models are not supported4
Add colors to muted icons0
Fancy zones reconnecting external display0
Fancy Zones High CPU usage1
Allow selection of display for Video Conference Mute Toolbar0
VCM toolbar freeze0
Web links not suport with port numbers1
[FancyZones] Resetting layout on the resolution change.6
Add a string value to the PluginAdditionalOption.0
Inconsistent folder structure in AppData and Program Files 0
FancyZones inconsistent behavior with windows+arrow keys0
Unchecking hide toolbar when both camera and microphone are unmuted doesn't work2
Keyboard manager mappings don't happen when PC wakes from hibernation0
Stop bubble through on Find my mouse dismiss0
[PT Run] Should not show PowerLauncher.exe as a result in Window walker1
File explorer pdf preview interferes with Outlook 2016 pdf preview (PDFXchange viewer plugin)1
Unable to detect camera is using or not0
Highlight the focused window with a border0
FancyZone doesn't reposition all windows to the external monitor after waking up from a long sleep0
PowerRename order of files2
Typo in pt-br translation of "Enable PowerRename"0
My integrated camera is gone after i try video conference mute1
Allow filtering by files that won't be renamed in PowerRename's filter dropdown0
Powertoys Run does not search files/folders0
Video Conference Mute breaks NVIDIA Broadcast software0
I would like to use Power Toys' Keyboard Manager to remap keys for a specific app but I am unable to with Keyboard Manager's current funcitonality0
Switching Alt(right) and Caps Lock doesn't work and makes the Alt(right) to be only usable by pressing shift simultaneously. Is it even possible to change Caps lock and Alt(right)?0
Previous query not erased when closing "PowerToys Run" using Alt+Space command ("Erase previous query" option enabled)3
Cannot exit sleep mode when Awake is activated1
Key Remapping Failure0
Keyboard remapper doesn't work in Windows 11 emoji picker1
[Mouse utilities] Doesn't work when UWP/Windows Store apps are in full screen1
Video Conference Mute - Camera Overlay flipped vertically1
[Resize Text - General settings adjustments]: Text and icons are getting truncate on resizing the text to 225%.1
[Supporting the platform - PowerToys Run]: Search results are not visible properly in high contrast on focus with keyboard.0
Quick Switch path for open file explorer1
[Video Conference Mute] `Cannot start video` Zoom error message every time I try to start video0
2nd taskbar0
[PowerToys Awake] vNext Specification (January 2021)0
Regression where restarting computer resets user defined layouts to the default selection.0
Powername Spellcheck in Filenames0
Concider shipping self contain to avoid crash on unpredicatable update0
[PowerToys Run] Show me folders which are ignored in settings1
Shortcut remap not working sometimes along with key remap0
Awake does not work inside Citrix remote machine0
PowerToys Run Calculator module is using the wrong number format when copying the result to the clipboard1
[Sonar] - Add animation when cancelling to smooth dismissal0
Video Conference Mute not working with webcams and XSplit0
Fixed Korean Mistration of a word 'Type'.1
win key + R doesn't work when key is remapped0
PowerToys Run crashed after trying search with too many matches0
Investigate disk usage with Awake1
Fancy zones custom layout not activated when connecting a display with thunderbolt connection0
Muting the system when the screen is locked and unmute on login0
Ability to define the zones past the monitor and taskbar restricted areas0
[FancyZones] "Make dragged window transparent" feature doesn't work with Visual Studio 2010, 2019 and 20220
Awake remains active after computer is put to sleep0
Keyboard mappings stop working after switch to desktop with open remote desktop session0
Active Keyboard Layout Indicator0
Logitech StreamCam No Camera on MS Teams1
Cannot update PowerToys from 0.47.00
WCAG 2.1 colour contrast 0
Find my Mouse activates on real PC when hitting Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C etc in Remote Desktop0
Tabs vs Spaces Video References Windows 100
Fancy Zones - Change snapping behavior0
Fancy Zones - Smarter new zone size when editing0
[run] Shortcut causing loopback for folder scanning which causes CPU + memory 2
Press Caps Lock To Toggle Between Letter Case0
FancyZones Preferences Being Reset Unnecessarily0
CTRL + SHIFT + Right Arrow unexpected behaviour1
Add command line switch to run a powertoy0
keyboard manger bug 0
Proposal: Shifting how search works in PT Run3
[proposal] Make VCM off by default due to UAC requirements to enable video driver4
conference mute opens windows start0
Setting pages icon get cropped0
[PowerToys Awake] Keep screen On until a specific window is active\unactive0
Option to disable Ctrl + Alt = AltGr on International Keyboards0
Upgrade User OOBE experience (SCOOBE)3
Windows Subsystem for Android does not resize properly using FancyZones0
[KBM] Switching Caps Lock and L Ctrl causes Alt Gr to also behave as Caps Lock0
[VCM] Cannot use VCM in Cisco Webex0
win+v cannot work!0
Learn more about administrator mode link should not require administrator mode3
FancyZone switch between templates while in snapping overlay0
[KBM] shortcuts double taps - shift-shift, ctrl-ctrl, alt-alt0
I can move all the programs, games, etc. by taking shifts and with the mouse on the top bar, and put them next to each other in the form of a window ...0
Revisit KBM test methods: unrelated change caused failure0
Make SelectableColorRepresentations and InitializeColorFormats in color picker use real output value0
[Settings] FontIcons and BitMapicons are not aligned1
[FZ] allow for custom layout hotkeys from the default of win-ctrl-alt-#0
[PT Run] Search box does not auto focus2
[Settings] Add units to settings2
[Settings] Incorrect shortcut shown in OOBE for SG when using windows key press1
Getting signing pipeline moved to same system as Terminal 0
overlay not working0
[PT Run][Dev] Dev docs for plugins: Implementation of settings missing0
[PowerRename] Loading files indicator0
Remap a shortcut does not work properly (sometimes the shortcut map is lost)0
Request: also support Android VectorDrawable , or create a similar tool for it 1
Shake mouse to activate Find my mouse2
[PowerRename] Allow opening on non primary monitor1
FEEDBACK - FancyZones Layout Editor1
[Find My Mouse] Allow to change the shortcut6
Failed to install 0.49.1 - VideoConferenceProxyFilter_x64.dll failed to register0
[Color Picker] Take screenshot to do overlay to enable precision0
FZ explorer-add-on overwrites Adobe Reader explorer-add-on0
Vivaldi Browser Not Showing in Run List0
Add setting in mouse utilities to disable "Enhance pointer precision" when game mode is on0
Exception Processing Message 0xc0000005 - Unexpected parameters0
[PowerRename] Lag on resizing: White space0
[PowerRename] Disabled SplitButton Foreground text is hard to read0
Power Rename - Option for Renaming Directories unclear3
Log base 10 in powertoys run calculator module1
Please add transparency to the PowerToys run search bar, and add the ability to customize the roundedness of the corners.0
[Settings] idea: progress bar while downloading update1
[Settings] Mouse Utilities: Icons missing1
Killed explorer.exe during install, didn't come back0
[PowerRename] Broken Link: Learn more about RegEx1
Revisit Company name / description on products1
[Mouse utilities: Mouse highlighter] Suggestion: highlight double/triple click in different colours0
Power Rename Behaviour: Make Apply and Close a sticky option0
Image can't be resized1
FindMyMouse is behind start menu0
[PowerRename] Highlight rows that will be changed2
[Settings] [VCM] [Explorer addon] Machine wide settings not aligned for all users2
[PT Run] Windows Settings search doesn't return 'Device Discovery' option.0
Change priority of different plugin's results in PowerToys Run0
Keyboard shortcuts0
Tweak (descriptions for) GitHub labels0
[Settings] UI elements are blank3
Shortcuts for screen rotation0
In-place upgrade from UI fails, maybe linked to "file in use" errors0
Review pass on PT Overview on docs.msft0
Review pass on FancyZone Overview on docs.msft 0
Move EXE args to docs.msft0
Any keyboard shortcut with WinKey + Alt does not work.0
Quickly enable and disable Bluetooth devices from the system tray0
Remove restriction for Hotkeys0
Bug where the existing key mapping cannot be set when PowerToys is started after setting it as a Windows startup program0
Wrong Spanish translation in PowerRename configuration dialog0
FancyZones forgets custom layouts after crashes6
Updating to 0.51 got hanged and could not proceed0
Mouse Highlighter mode on from startup0
Launching Your Phone app crashed powertoys 1
Crash on reboot before login0
[Mouse Highlighter] Provide a way to turn highlighting mode on/off (next to shortcut)0
A visual cue for the "Mouse highlighter toggle shortcut"0
expand short hand to long hand naming for Unit conversion0
Windows explorer does not restart/recover after install finishes1
Keys sometimes get stuck0
PowerToys Run: Windows Search Plugin Not working right0
mapping CapsLock to Shift + Alt not working0
FancyZones number too bright in dark mode1
[Run Plugin Manager] Missing Icons1
Up to 60% Disk Usage cause by Powertoy0
With relative position enabled, unable to maximize the window when using FancyZones via Win+Up0
Arrow in update notification is not actual arrow 0
Update Button not working as expected0
Plz add "Shift Lock" to Keyboard Manager utility0
System.UnauthorizedAccessException - Image_version.txt0
Keep screen on not working in Windows 11 Pro clean install0
Thumbnail also enable Preview0
[FZ] - Apply layout to multiple desktops0
Text converter between different keyboard layouts2
PT Run - Allow us to choose shortcut for "open containing folder" and "open path in console"0
[PowerRename] Change default to "Apply and exit" instead of "Apply"0
Shortcut keys to switch to focus the next zone0
[Github][Spellcheck] Add general regex rule for GUIDs1
Multiple monitors using FancyZones doesn't recognize the laptop hood closed!0
Option to disable Find My Mouse while user is remoted in [example RDP]0
powertoys crashes on start0
[Color Picker] Allow rounding to whole numbers for formats, example CIELAB0
[VCM] TeamViewer complains no camera driver is installed0
[Image Resizer] Metadata Tag "ColorSpace" is lost on resize1
Certain apps closed in a FancyZone zone open maximized0
Mixed languages in UI (Bool toggles)1
Can't toggle "Run as admin" off1
[Settings / chore] Create usercontrol for handling update UI0
[VCM] Microphone mute - cannot unmute via keyboard shortcut0
Move Window directly to monitor a diff (useful in 3+ monitors) using shortcut0
键盘管理器与thinkpad ELAN触摸板功能发生冲突0
Powertoys prompts to install .NET Core2
Image Resizer - Ignore Orientation Not Working0
Grouping pinned apps in start menu0
[Image Resizer] Try to recover metadata even when the metadata data structure is invalid1
FancyZone doesn't stay on correct monitor (2 monitor system)0
Window Switching shortcuts break when switching between virtual desktops0
New windows don't fill entire zone0
Make everything bigger/smaller shortcut (display zoom - Win+U)0
FancyZones window switching using the mouse.0
[PT Run] VSCode workspaces doesn't show workspaces1
"PowerToys user documentation" still points to the wiki in new issues1
[Power Rename] Predefined names0
Shortcut Key Directly to Fancyzones Zone Editor Drag Drop UI0
[GitHub]Remove GUIDs from expect.txt1
Support hexadecimal and binary number input in the calculator2
File diff / comparison tool1
FancyZones windows loose position on switching my monitor's current input to different machine.0
[Tracker] Suggestions for file formats for developer previewer1
[Dev docs] WiX Extension link in devdocs readme does not link to downloadable extension1
Keyboard Manager Layers0
Save window layouts for different display configurations.0
[ColorPicker] Hex input field: 3 digits value is interpreted incorrectly2
the color picker banner appears behind the taskbar in windows 111
[ColorPicker] Adjust color: hex text box not limited1
Add LTS versions for enterprises0
PrntScrn buttong and screen snipping0
Double pressing the `Escape` key closes the active `explorer` window.0
Enhanced multitasking0
Shortcut Guide appearing when swapping between fancy zones0
PowerToys Run Alt + R must be used twice to position the cursor in the text field1
FancyZones "space around windows" doesn't go to 0 on one monitor only0
powerToys run0
Multiple displays not presented by fancy zones.0
Extra space before extension name ( .pdf)1
Fancy Zone windows controlling0
FancyZones Reverts to Default Layout Every 24 Hours - Should Use Active Layout Until Told Otherwise0
Warn if "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service" is off3
Color Picker -- File Explorer add-ins should be elevated to standard Windows 11 features0
PowerToys Run stopped working1
alt modifier is not work at jetbrains ide0
Snippets in PowerToys Run0
Desaturación de fotografías0
About powertoysrun's URL handler enhancements0
Remode desktop for Mac and key mapping0
How to help translate to Portuguese Brazilian strings not translated?0
Global Search can't find certain applications (Noticed with "Signal" application)0
Conflict with Corel VideoStudio, FastFlick and printscreen to OneDrive0
Toggling off Awake does not stop Awake0
Move windows 'shown on all desktops' to their virtual desktop-specific zones0
Bug report received0
Add new signing server badge1
Startup error0
Batch cropping tool (include under image resizer)0
Teams screen share fails when using FancyZones0
[FZ] - hotkey to switch focus between zones2
Remapping"left ctrl key" to "left alt key" not working.0
[Color Picker editor] History position not updated on adjusting color0
[Settings] Wrong translation in Settings - Russian1
Keyboard Manager stops working once I close the application0
Cannot disable Video Conference Mute0
Notification tray icon0
New pipeline has unsigned resource files0
Awake applet hangs0
Quickly launch groups of apps w/ hotkey binding0
FancyZones>ZoneBehavior>Hold shift to activate - Doesn't behave as expected, Ctrl no longer spans window over multiple zones0
Missing hits from "Windows Settings"1
Powertoys run constant error0
PowerToys Update Installer doesn't close ALL explorer.exe processes0
Firefox & Chatterino Not being placed properly.0
Navigating through directories with only 1 folder auto opens child folder0
Powertoys Run | VSCodeWorkspaces plugin Deserializing vscode settins json 2
chkdsk log viewer0
[SG] - open on Monitor where Cursor is0
Can't remap ALT+F40
FancyZones editor save error0
[PT Run] Websearch: Show name of browser on activation command result1
[PT Run] Action key detection has false-positives1
Add full regex help to PowerRename0
0.53 shipping work2
[Keep Awake] Disable while on battery0
[Settings] Assertion failed!0
[Settings] Incorrect color on checkbox description1
[Dev] Wox Tests > QueryBuilderTest: Exception in PT Run's log0
Out-of-box-build C2220 error1
[PT Run] Websearch: Error shows default browser and description can be improved1
Missing french translations (General)1
Missing french translations (FancyZones)0
Missing french translations (Image Resizer)0
Missing french translations (PowerRename)0
Missing french translations (PowerToys Run)0
Missing french translations (Mouse Utilities)1
FancyZones data still getting lost on update0
After PC restart Fancyzones "forget" window positions0
[Settings] FancyZones zones preview doesn't have a disabled state1
System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException: Provide value on 'System.Windows.Baml2006.TypeConverterMarkupExtension' threw an exception.0
PowerRename should have expanded keyboard shortcuts0
[FZ] - hotkey to numerically move window to different zone1
Unable to use PowerToys Run0
Undefined buttons issues0
Task manager has gaps when using fancy zones0
Build fails on Windows 10/Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition0
Error: Bad Image - when attempting to open settings0
PowerToys Run Too Slow0
Can't remove v0.49.1; Can't install v0.51.10
PowerLauncher leads to Windows Problem Reporting0
[AlwaysOnTop] Inaccurate border placing after playing with settings0
[AlwaysOnTop][FancyZones] Move common code 0
Advanced Optimus Doesn't Automatically Swtich Display Modes when PowerToys is running in the background.0
Keyboard Manager Problem + Feature suggestion0
Column View in Windows Explorer0
Battery percentage displayed in the taskbar0
ciceroUIWndFrame PowerLauncher.exe Application Error0
[fz] override list to allow quirky programs to resize0
Extended context menu option for all functions please0
[AlwaysOnTop][Settings] Border preview0
[AlwaysOnTop][Settings] Sound settings0
wrong text display in fancyzone ui in simplified chinese 0
Window Metrics Enhancements0
Have AppLocale like solution again for char encoding issues for languages like Chinese0
fancyzones -- incorrect screen resolution0
Separate snap zone from activation zone. Pic included0
[Keyboard Manager] Remapping Ctrl to another key causes Clipboard History Paste to fail (win+v)0
Chrome different profiles windows don't save their position (and switching between them with win+page up/down also doesn't work...)0
Video Conference Mute cannot turn mic back on using hotkeys0
Power Rename - add to directory background menu as well as directory menu0
Fancy Zones and elevated windows: suggestion0
Update the Localization Dev Doc to explain the new process0
VScode workspaces does not show up1
Video Conference Mute cause Firefox to crash in Google Meet0
Video conference mute bar won't disappear1
[VMC] Don't show camera in toolbar if there isn't one0
[Power Rename] Repeate latest by context menue or shortcut0
Value does not fall within the expected range0
Mic Camera Mute Not desired always on0
Option to have Newlines in markdown are treated as single0
Video Conference Mute causes some applications to crash if no physical webcams are attached to the system0
FancyZones update deleted all custom screen zone settings.0
[PT Run] [WindowWalker] Result view not updating when two windows have same properties0